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This is an impromptu post.  I just bumped off a Mom-Finds entry I was composing earlier and opted instead for this more inspiring, proud-mommy moment.

I rarely brag about my kids.  But with this artwork, my boy has really amazed me, and once again proved how good he is at drawing. People who've seen his drawings often asks me if he had art lessons. We wanted to, but he didn't.

So what's my Mom-Find?

I was checking his ginormous trolley bag (which may need a separate post) after we came home from school yesterday and I found this book with insects on the cover. My first grader told me that he borrowed it from the library. It's a Draw Insects book.

He asked me to hand it over as he sat down immediately to draw. After only one try at sketching the ant, I was blown away.

I knew my Mom-Find for today -- these wonderful Draw books for children.  Even adults who simply love to draw would definitely appreciate and learn more from these books. It's like having art lessons in the comforts of your home!

Lo and behold...the final sketch of 'The Ant'

This series of art books by Doug Dubosque clearly illustrates the how-to's in a step-by-step instruction method, complete with pencil drawn subjects to guide you in each stage of sketching.
  • Recommended for ages 8 to 14
  • Includes user-friendly tips and techniques that are easy to follow
  • Drawing guides help improve hand-eye coordination and observation skills
  • Some trivia are also featured for students to learn more about each of the subject they are drawing
  • Provides hours of fun and learning
A step-by-step instruction and tips to draw a cockroach

Here's an editorial review from the School Library Journal:
"(For) Grade 4-7 - A useful, easy-to-follow instruction book. Directions are provided in the form of step-by-step, black-and-white drawings; youngsters start with a simple shape, add details, and later erase the lightly drawn basic shape. Pencil is the only medium explored. Tips include shading techniques and suggestions to observe the subject carefully." - Alexandra Marris, Rochester Public Library, NY.

The Ant and his gang of insects on a giant leaf

I'll be getting some of these helpful books for my six-year-old so he can further hone his God-given gift and learn some proper techniques. He is allowed to draw everyday, no rules, just pure self expression. Drawing is very therapeutic, it actually calms him. We are just so proud of his works. Maybe you'll also discover the true artists in your kids (or in you too!) with these fantastic Draw books.

Draw InsectsDraw CarsDraw 3-D (Learn to Draw)Draw Dinosaurs
Draw Insects                  Draw Cars                       Draw 3-D                       Draw Dinosaurs

I have yet to check our local bookstores if any of them carry these Draw books.  I will update you on this.  For now, these books are added and standing by in my Amazon shopping cart  (",)

And here is his "ginormous" trolley bag.


  1. Rosalie Narciza6/25/2010 8:13 AM

    JT is truly amazing as a young, skilled artist! Galing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. On behalf of my boy, Thank you ladies! :)
    @Rone - Nice to finally meet you! :D

  3. He IS a skilled drawer! Keep honing this special talent! Mana ata sa iyo! Heehee!

  4. Yes, it was nice meet the person behind the words. I have to say your profile picture doesn't do you justice!

  5. very nice artwork! and i am interested in these books too since my daughter loves to draw as well.

    by the way, about Artscow, in my case, the local post office have been delivering goodies from Artscow to my house directly. but i have heard from others who got registered mails so they need to claim it at the post office.


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