I Am a Proud Anmum Mommy

Let me just say I am thrilled to have Anmum as a blog sponsor! Yey!!! =) If you subscribe to this blog, you'd have noticed the Anmum leaderboard/ad up on the homepage displayed since July.  I'm just proud to be a part of the Anmum Mommy Circle because the brand is really close to my heart.  Why?

Well, if you must know...
  • It's the only milk I took while I was pregnant (twice) and breastfeeding
  • During my stint in advertising, Anmum was one of my key accounts (client) ever since it was launched in the local market in the late 90s (as with the rest of the New Zealand-made milk brands, Anchor and Anlene)
  • My first blog post featured the Anmum material I made for their Mother's Day print ad
So you see, it was an easy decision for me to have Anmum as a blog partner.  I believe in the brand, I loved drinking it, I reaped the benefits, I recommend it to my friends, and I know the product very well.  At the Anmum blogger partners' luncheon over a month ago, the brand managers even teased me to do the presentation after learning about my history with Anmum! =)

"Planning a baby? Drink Anmum!"
That was the intro line used in our old TVC.  Yes, you don't have to be pregnant to drink Anmum.  It's the best-tasting milk I've tried that's formulated to meet the nutritional needs of expectant women, planning a baby, and even until breastfeeding.

During my pregnancy, Anmum came in plain and chocolate flavors.  I love the chocolate flavor and it tastes even better when it's cold!  I just learned it's now called Anmum Materna, and has 3 flavors:  plain, chocolate, and hazelnut.  I heard the hazelnut flavor is the bestseller these days.

  • Folate - important to maintain the growth and development of the fetus; reduces risk of Neural Tube defects
  • DHA & Gangliosides - support overall mental and visual development
  • Calcium and Vitamin D - support development of strong bones and teeth
  • Iron - helps meet the increased iron need of the mother, and reduces rist of iron deficiency anemia
  • Vitamin B6 - may help reduce effects of nausea
  • Fibre - supports a healthy digestive system
Recommended consumption: 2 glasses daily.

I used to drink Anmum choco every night before bedtime instead of eating when I get hungry.  And it makes me sleep better too. 1 glass a day was enough for me.

Even after I gave birth, I continued drinking Anmum to supplement my food intake especially during the time I was breastfeeding.  I knew that even if I was eating well, the nutrients I'm getting are still not enough for my needs. I'm hungry all the time!

Well, good news to all nursing moms 'coz there's Anmum Lacta.  It's specially formulated to support the increased nutritional needs of moms during lactation and post-natal period. Anmum Lacta is high in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B12, Folate, Calcium and Iron. It also contains Gangliosides and essential fatty acids.

If you're pregnant or planning a baby, or currently nursing, or know someone who is, go for the great-tasting and nutritent-dense ANMUM milk!

Before taking any dietary or nutritional supplement, it's always best to consult your doctors.

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