Lorys Duo Chocolate Hair Cream

Looks good enough to eat, don't you think so? =)  
Thick, rich, and creamy choco-caramel... for the hair only!

My girl actually thought it's caramel sauce, and it really does look and smell like one. Lorys Hair Cream -- it's your Brazilian hair spa in a jar! It sounded so sexy I cannot wait to try it for myself as soon as I got the sample, hahahaha...  I gladly welcomed to try this deep moisturizing hair cream mainly because I am currently in a phase of changing my basic skin care and hair care regimen with more moisture-intensive products.

I don't have treated hair, and it's not damaged either. But my hair tends to be dull and pouffy even with regular use of conditioner. It's extra pouffy especially when I leave it to (air) dry after a shower.  You don't want to see me with my hair like that! In Tagalog, it's what we call "buhaghag".

I can never, ever leave the house with wet hair and just allow it dry. If I do need to go out, I have to use my straightening iron or blowdryer to style it, or you'll find my hair in the usual plain ponytail when in a rush.

Sorry I was not able to take a "before" shot.  But those who know me a long time can tell you that my naturally thick and wavy hair is really buhaghag on a regular day. I've been using Lorys for 4 weeks now and I'm very happy with how my hair looks after it dries.

This is how my hair falls with Lorys Duo Chocolate, even if I don't use a straightening iron or a blow dryer.  Lorys is richer than my regular conditioner so I guess that helped make my hair more tame and smooth, and the strands look more in place.

I just scoop a generous amount, apply on damp hair mainly on the ends, and leave for about 2 minutes before rinsing. I towel-dry and style as usual.

I am quite satisfied with my Lorys Duo Chocolate variant.  What I like about it:
  • Tames and smoothens my wavy, pouffy hair
  • Can be used as daily conditioner
  • Can be used as special conditioning treatment (like hot oil) - wrapped in hot towel or cap for 15 minutes
  • Gives intensive moisture, vitality, and shine to hair
  • Rich, thick, and mildly scented
  • Super affordable at only PhP 148 for 450g jar
SRP @ PhP 148 - 450g

Choose from other Lorys Hair Cream variants for your hair needs, like Snake Oil, Shea Butter, Fruit Cocktail, and Ceramides.  A pump bottle would make it more convenient to use though.  

It also comes in a jumbo 1kg jar for only PhP 349 (approx. US$ 8)! Imported from Brazil, Lorys is available at leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets nationwide.

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