Wacoal Understands Your Body at Any Age

Like all young women, I started at Stage 0, and was still at 0 until my pre-pregnancy body.  After two pregnancies and breastfeeding phases, my body is now at a depressing state between Stages 1 and 2!

Don't be alarmed friends, I'm not stricken with any disease. You'll find out what I'm talking about as you scroll down and read what I have learned a few weeks ago from a very enlightening talk about a woman's body. This is gonna be worth your while, promise!

The intimate function for mom and fashion bloggers was hosted by one of the top brands of undergarments which I have known and used since the first time I needed one -- the Japanese label Wacoal. That is why I did not hesitate to do this sponsored post since I'm really a fan of the brand.  My mom actually bought me my first Wacoal brassiere.

Moving on to the talk, Philippine Wacoal Corp. COO Ms. Anne Palisoc was very engaging as she presented some very interesting and educational facts about women's bodies at different stages of our lives.  In short, our bodies change as we age, and each one of us need the proper underwear to provide the right support that we need, in our 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.

"Be Body Beautiful at Any Age" -- this is what Wacoal wants for every woman.  And first on the agenda is to learn about our body.

Ms. Anne showed us charts and illustrations from the slideshow which elicited some mixed and funny reactions from our lively group that day as we unabashedly touched and checked ourselves during the presentation! =)
See how our bodies transform at every stage. Read and learn:

According to Ms. Anne, a woman's body reaches it's prime at around age 25, and literally becomes smaller as we grow older. Our diet and lifestyle would dictate how slow or how fast our bodies age.

Notice the visible changes in a woman's breasts, by age, through the different Stages.  If you're in your 30s and are still in Stage 0, consider yourselves really blessed!

After identifying, and accepting your Stage, you can now properly choose the bra that will fit you right.
For Stage 1 women like myself, bras with underwire and reinforced fabric are your best option.
Bras with wide side panels and resin bone have better support, especially for women in their 40s and over
Reminder:  Same sized bras are not created equal.
  • Choose the style and design that fits your body today, whether you are the same size from when you're 20 or not
  • Always fit several styles before you buy.
This is so true for me, especially after two pregnancies. My old ones did not fit well anymore even after I got back to my original pre-preggy size.

No overflowing boobies, please. See how a perfect fitting bra should look like:

Did you know there is a proper way to wear a bra?
Don't just shoot and hook, follow this:

Of course, don't forget the hips! Like our breasts, our hips and buttocks "transform" through the years. 

This is my number 1 problem area -- my tummy. And I know I'm not alone in this department.  Panty girdles to the rescue!!!

Learn how to properly wear a girdle and get the maximum benefit.

After that eye-opening talk, I realized I have to throw out half of my undergarments!!!

By the end of the presentation, we were assisted to have our measurements taken and each one of us brought home our own choice of intimate apparel.  We were in Wacoal heaven!

Also having their measurements taken were mom bloggers Fleur and Frances

I would like to thank Ms. Anne for hosting this fun and educational event for us women bloggers!  For my male readers, I hope you learned a lot too with this post, and maybe you can now confidently choose and surprise your lady loves with that perfect set of intimate apparel! *wink*

To all you women out there, whether in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or over, know and understand your bodies first, and for sure, you can find that perfect fit for you. As they say, wearing the right undergarment is the good foundation to any outfit -- it can make or break your overall look.

Wacoal offers durability, and a variety of styles that will complement a woman's body at any age.  As for me, I'm now a proud owner of 4 beautiful and well-fitting Wacaol brassieres and 1 panty girdle!  I will have a separate feature on that.

Can you guess which ones I got among these lovely pieces? :)))

Choose the styles that fit you. Visit Wacoal's website: www.wacoal.ph

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