Champion Flash Fashion Show

There's flash mob dancing, then flash mob singing.  I've seen some on TV and on YouTube. I found them quite entertaining. But have any of  you seen a flash fashion show?

Picture this:
Models wore designer clothing.
Supermarket aisles were used as runway.
Models "attack" each other with ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise!
Make sense?

Some weeks back, a flash fashion show for Champion laundry detergent happened at Super 8, one of the larger supermarkets in Quezon City.  I've been buying Champion detergent powder and laundry bars for many years now and I'm very satisfied with it's quality and cleaning properties. I applaud them for producing this flash fashion show -- a very novel idea to demonstrate how Champion detergent protects from stains.

The surprise show was a collaboration between Champion, renowned fashion designer Randy Ortiz, and top fashion show director Jackie Aquino.

The Champion Flash Fashion show happened on a pay-day weekend while people were busy doing their grocery shopping. I can just image the surprise on the customers as soon as "Moves Like Jagger" blasted from the speakers and models came out from the stock room!

Models strutting their way along the aisles in Randy Ortiz's spring-summer collection under clear plastic suits.

And the sauce fight begins...

Champion bars "erase" the stains.

Too bad I haven't seen a flash mob in action. I hope I can catch a flash fashion show one of these days. That would surely be fun to watch! =)

Champion got its message across in a truly unique way and Super 8 became the very first supermarket to ever hold a fashion show.

Here's a video clip of the Champion Flash Fashion Show at Super 8

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