CHICK-IN Chicken Inasal is a Winner

Weeks after their second outlet opened, at the invitation of the owners, I was excited to bring my foodie blogger friends to Chick-In Chicken Inasal restaurant and have them try the house special chicken inasal (Bacolod-style char-grilled skewered chicken marinated in vinegar, salt, spices, and basted in annatto seed oil).

I have to disclose that I am friends with the owners of CHICK-IN, who successfully opened their first branch in Makati City last summer 2011.  After my initial visit to their first restaurant, I can honestly say I liked their grilled chicken, way better than the popular food chain serving the same style of chicken. I happily recommended them to my family and friends. Even my kids enjoyed their chicken inasal meals and cleaned their plates!
My first visit with the kids at Chick-In Makati branch last May 2011
This time around, at their newly-opened Quezon City branch along Timog Avenue, I was able to try more dishes from the menu with all-time favorite Filipino fare.  With a happy bunch of food lovers, and my kids tagging along, we heartily dug in to the line-up of food served to us.

More dining area on the second floor, with a private room for bigger group or small functions
First, we ordered our preferred chicken part for our "AM" meals (All the way Meals). While waiting, we were served with an array of short order dishes like:

Batchoy noodle soup -- good, but I was not crazy with this one...
Batchoy Special @ PhP 75
Sizzling bulalo (bone marrow) steak -- I like anything 'bulalo'... the beef dish was well done with good flavor...
@ PhP 199
Sizzling pork sisig (chopped pig's ears, cheeks, snout, skin) -- their version of the popular Pinoy appetizer has a good balance of chewy-crunchy-meaty goodness, well seasoned too...
@ PhP 99
"Yay, chicken!" My girl was ready to eat.
Our chicken inasal has arrived. The kids and I all got the "Paa" / thigh/leg part.  The chicken was delicious, well-marinated, and grilled just right. I'm really glad the quality and taste remained consistent since my first try last year. Believe me, this chicken tastes so much better than it looks on the photo, you can take my word for it. :)

All set meals come with unlimited steamed rice and clear soup, and you have a sauce plate to mix your own soy-vinegar-chili dipping sauce -- @ PhP 99 per set.

Some of my friends had the "Pecho"/ breast/wing.  I never really liked chicken breast so I was very much satisfied with my "Paa" even if this breast was more meaty.

One dish that perfectly complemented my inasal was the Tokwa't Baboy (fried soy bean curd and pork cubes in spiced vinegar sauce).  It's all about the sauce, and this one has just the right level of sweetness to cut the acidity of the vinegar. This is a winner for me.
@ PhP 59
I was too busy with my chicken and the other dishes in front of me that I was not able to savor this Grilled Liempo (pork belly). The small piece that I got to taste was good, but not enough for me to give an opinion about this one... though this shot sure is drool-worthy.
@ PhP 89
First time I tried their Laing, I liked it immediately -- laing is made with taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and spices. I've eaten laing from many Filipino restaurants and theirs is one of the better ones I've tried. I don't know how to describe the taste, but this truly rich and exotic Pinoy dish always makes me eat more rice than I should, even if it's not spicy.
@ PhP 59
A unanimous hit that afternoon was this savory Smoked Chorizo (pork sausage) brought in from the island of Boracay.  Sliced and skewered, the sausage was perfectly caramelized and tasted like cured meat, really tasty!
@ PhP 55
A meal will not be complete without a sweet ending, and Chick-In also has classic desserts like this rich chocolate cake, creamy leche flan, and turon with vanilla ice cream, among others. Take your pick.

This Turon was taken from the Makati branch
Also from our first visit to Makati, the girl enjoyed her leche flan, while the boy sipped on their refreshing iced tea

CHICK-IN is a quick-service restaurant that offers value for money meals and specialty dishes that family and friends will surely enjoy -- perfect Filipino comfort food anytime of the day!

Thank you May, Sarah, and Jenny... with fellow bloggers (from right) Richard, Michelle, and Rowena
Open from Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 1:00 am
 - 1012 Metropolian Avenue, Makati City
 - 75 Timog Avenue, Quezon City - For deliveries, call (632) 921-0892
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