Mom-Grocer: Roots Ginger Brew Sparkling drink

I just have to share my favorite drink of the moment, and it's super refreshing!

Bought from Unimart @ PhP 18.95 per 330ml bottle (solo size only)
As usual, on one of my morning grocery trips a month ago, I chanced upon this new brand in Unimart and grabbed two bottles to try.  The label says it's made from 100% brewed fresh ginger.   It tastes a bit zesty and it's mild, smooth flavor is quite addicting. 

Imagine sparkling lemonade with a hint of ginger essence, that's how I would describe the taste of this non-alcoholic, caffeine-free beverage. 

ROOTS is made from:  Carbonated water, sugar, brewed ginger, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

Pour over ice, or drink super cold straight from the (plastic) bottle.  Even my girl refuses to share a bottle with me! Fine with me 'coz I'd rather have her drink this over other carbonated drinks.


Would you try this ginger brew? :)

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