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Tense. Awkward. Hot spot lights. Beads of sweat building up. Bad angle (for my face!).  Facets of my life revealed. And here's what I got myself into...with the participation of the boy and the girl, for your viewing pleasure (I hope).

July 16.
TV show:  Moments on Net25
Who's behind My Mom-Friday?  In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Mom-Friday on Moments
*The host of the show often speaks in the vernacular, so I did the same and spoke in mixed Filipino and English for the segment.

So how did I get to be on TV talking about motherhood? Let's rewind...

May 20.
"hi mam gud day! thanks so much for the response...just wondering if we can feature you on our show, its a one on one interview talking about mother hood, family etc... anything that you wana share :) our setting will be at your home if you will permit..."[sic]
Now you know what the segment is all about.
Screen capture from the opening sequence - host Gladys Reyes

The show coordinator initially sent me a tweet, then a follow-up email above.  We also talked over the phone.  You see, I was quite hesitant even if I was familiar about Moments, the parenting talk show hosted by young celebrity mom Gladys Reyes on Net25.  First, why me? Secondly, I was not confident enough to appear on any video, more so on a TV show!  Lastly, online pranksters abound and it's best to err on the side of caution.

Coincidentally, a blogger friend tweeted about her recent taping with the said show and encouraged me to go for it.  I later learned that a couple more mom blogger friends also appeared in the past episodes, therefore erasing my doubts. And just for the experience, I finally accepted. After telling the kids they'd appear on TV, they became so excited. That got me nervous! =)

May 31.
Confirmation of shooting day -- June 7, taping at home.
They sent a formal letter from the producer which I've requested.  On hindsight, I think they should have done this from the very beginning to erase doubts, at least to make the introduction official, and the invite more credible.
Finding the right spot in the living room for the "interview"
June 7.
It was a Tuesday afternoon. I arrived home straight from fetching my boy. Living room was set.  No time to be made-up, just a quick change, styled my hair neatly, powdered my face and put on lipstick. I'm all set. Then an outfit change for the cooking portion after the talking head sequence.

Kitchen set-up for the cooking demo with the kids

July 16.
Airing of episode on Moments

* * *
I requested the clip mainly to file for posterity and didn't plan on sharing it to the world.  I even stopped hubby from posting this on Facebook after I got the link a week ago!  With the encouragement from friends who saw the video, I mustered enough confidence to post this for the benefit of other friends and relatives who missed it on TV, and of course, for you my dear readers. ;)

Thank you for watching!
Hope you endured enjoyed my 6 minutes of awkwardness and unnecessary facial expressions.  It was too weird watching myself, but the kids loved seeing themselves on the show and my family is proud of this rare moment on TV.

Try the featured recipe here:  Peanut Butter Banana French Toast

Moments on Net25
Saturdays, 7:00 pm
Replays on Sunday 11:30 am.

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