World-Class Culinary Program at ADF+Enderun

"This is very extraordinary. I find myself today in front of you students and future students of the programs that we have designed in partnership with Enderun...you represent the future of our profession.  We hope to guide you in your professional careers." - Alain Ducasse

I've heard of Enderun Colleges several years ago when they were still housed in a corporate building in Ortigas Center in Pasig City, and operated Restaurant 101 at the lower level.  I thought it was just a small international culinary school but I was wrong.

Last September 10, I was part of Discover Cuisine bloggers' event hosted by ADF+Enderun.  I missed the first one so I was thrilled to be invited again and finally got to visit the school for the first time. Upon arriving, I was completely awe-struck!

This post is photo-heavy as I attempt to give you a glimpse of the school's top-notch facilities and the original food creations by the executive chef during our exclusive visit. Enjoy! =)

Exceptional.  Impressive. European.  5-Star.
These were the words that came to mind as soon as I entered the gated campus situated in McKinley Hill in Fort Bonifacio.

Enderun Colleges
~  an  undergraduate college specializing in International Hospitality Management and world-class ADF+Enderun program in Culinary Arts
~  also offers management and entrepreneurship courses that prepare students for global competitiveness with the school's international academic standards

~  Alain Ducasse Formation (ADF), founded in 1999 by world-renowned French chef Alain Ducasse who runs 3-Michelin-star restaurants in three European cities
~  2007, ADF formed an academic partnership with Enderun Colleges to elevate culinary education in the Philippines and Southeast Asia
~  15-month program covers the basics of Culinary Arts including an internship opportunity in France
~  3-month Pastry Certificate Program teaching basic and advanced principles and hands-on practice

Aside from world-class caliber training, ADF+Enderun culinary center also meets the best international standards in culinary teaching facilities:
~  8 workstations per lab class
~  Only 2 students per workstation, ensuring mastery of subject from theory to practice with hands-on approach
~  Restaurant 101, the application restaurant of Enderun Colleges for student's practicum, also offers superb dining experience to the public

Fully-equipped contemporary demo kitchen at the amphitheater
My co-bloggers and I were led to the amphitheater of Enderun Culinary Center where we were introduced to the teaching philosophies of ADF+Enderun and the distinguished faculty of the college's culinary arts program.  

We were welcomed by external relations manager Ms. Lou Molina, while the cooking demonstration was done by no less than ADF+Enderun executive chef Marc Chalopin.

The amphitheater is equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen facility and audio-visual system complete with flat-screen monitors around the room for better views of the demo, providing a conducive learning environment.

The chef was very detailed and organized as he demonstrated and presented the ingredients up to the final plating of the finished product, sharing his cooking techniques and tips to an enthusiastic crowd of foodies.

I ran out of superlatives to describe these two knock-out dishes meticulously prepared by Chef Chalopin and his able assistant Jinjin (I apologize if I misspelled her name). Hope you enjoy these images.

Some steps during the preparation of the dessert and hot dish, flashed on flat screen TVs on both sides of the amphitheater...

And now... the decadent and heavenly Chocolat Liegeois...
Made all layers from scratch -- fresh churned chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, shaved coffee-rhum granité, chantilly cream, and crisp nougatine.

Melting by the time I was able to take this shot

...and mouth-watering Shrimp Tartar Burgers!
Juicy, cocktail-sized shrimp burger with herbed tartar sauce, on fresh lettuce and oven-roasted sun-dried tomatoes.

I will attempt to create a simpler version of this scrumptious burger at home...soon!

Bloggers "attack" the plated burgers for that perfect food shot

Et voilĂ ! Ready to be served... *drool*
Of course we couldn't pass up on having our photos taken with Chef Chalopin.
Mom-Friday, Chef Marc, DaintyMom Martine

Each one of us were able to sample and savor every bite and spoonful of the freshly-made French-inspired dishes, on top of hearty afternoon snack buffet served before we toured the campus. Seconds please!

The second level receiving area where the buffet was also set up for our meals and refreshments. To the left is where we entered to tour the culinary center's kitchen labs.
Spacious and elegant second floor lobby
Kitchen Lab 3 from the second floor
Pastry kitchen
Preparation room
Wall of art
Well-appointed library
View of the bar from the culinary center's staircase
Restaurant 101 dining hall...
Main dining area of Restaurant 101, with private rooms at the far end

View of the open kitchen -- the heart of Restaurant 101
Outside the restaurant that day, a wedding reception was set, overlooking the courtyard... a wonderful venue for private events!

Our campus visit was definitely a unique, delightful, and jaw-dropping experience as Enderun proved to be truly a world-class educational institution!
(Main campus photos grabbed from Enderun's official website)

If you wish to know more about the campus, inquire and call for a tour.
Look for:
Ms. Lou Molina or Mr. Mark Tan
Telephone: (632) 856-5000
Facsimile: (632) 856-4656

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