I Love Mooncake!

It's moon cake fever!

Okay, I'm kinda late on this post, the end of mooncake festival falls on Monday.  I really just want to share and rave about my favorite mooncake since last year (see watermark date)!  I've tried and eaten so many kinds and brands since childhood, from the regular supermarket variety to the fancy hotel-grade quality.  I just love eating them! I'm a self-proclaimed mooncake connoisseur. *wink*.

Lucky me, our family friend manufactures the finest mooncakes in the country -- bar none.  My standards were set so high with Hong Ley's products so I tend to compare all others I've tried (and will try) against this, and nothing compares to their superior quality.  Receiving a gift box of these traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival delicacy from Hong Ley Food Products is the highlight of our festival celebration. They supply a number of Manila's top hotels and restaurants, proof of their class-A quality products.  Maybe some of you have already tasted them without knowing it.

Every bite brings me to mooncake heaven!
White Lotus Paste w/ 1 Yolk @ PhP 118 a piece
My favorite Cantonese-style premium moon cake variety is the White Lotus Paste with 1 or 2 Yolks. Super smooth, moist and chewy, decadent...it's quite filling!

Other varieties include:  Regular Lotus Paste, and Bean Paste, with 1 or 2 yolks, or plain.

Being mooncake addicts, hubby and I can eat 1 whole piece each of this dense cake in one sitting! We also quarrel when one eats more than the other. :D

Too bad these are not available for retail.  Hong Ley, a leading noodle supply company, only makes mooncakes for special orders during the festival as it entails a very tedious production process.  Even their tikoy (sticky rice cake) is by special production also.

Want to have the best mooncake in town?  You still have 'til the end of the month to order.
Although I cannot guarantee availability, you may inquire here:
Hong Ley Food Products
For volume/special orders, call: (632) 4477-882 loc. 101, 102
Email: hongleyfoods@yahoo.com
#2 Atis Road cor. Camachile St. Potrero, Malabon, Metro Manila

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