Dreamy Tutu Skirts Pour La Petite Princesse

'Rose are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet, and so are You.'
The classic poem came to mind when we received a special gift pour la petite princesse (for the little princess).

This post was meant as a Mom-Find feature but I just can't wait for the last Friday of the month.

A red-and-gold box was delivered several days ago when we were just about to leave for the grocery. When I told the girl that there was a surprise waiting for her, she dashed towards the box and quickly opened it.

Out came this soft, dreamy, cotton-candy-colored tutu skirt from Erin et Vivien. It instantly made the girl so giddy and wide-eyed. She just can't wait to put it on!
@ P499 / P599 (depending on size)
Erin et Vivien skirts are made from imported soft tulle strips, individually tied and knotted to create this sweet and charming skirt, handmade with love. It was indeed lovely! The girl was literally 'dancing and prancing' in her new tutu skirt!
Modeling her colorful 'Lia' tutu
I immediately thanked Virna of Erin et Vivien for this thoughtful present and I would like to share with you the story behind the company and their pretty creations.
Erin et Vivien was the brainchild of two sisters, Virna and Mira. Mira, a mom of one boy and two twin girls, has always been into crafts and sewing.  She wanted to make really nice things for her kids and this tutu skirt was one of them.
"Erin et Vivien came from the middle names of my sister's twin girls. They're fraternal twins, each having different personalities, and they look as different as night and day! The line was inspired by these two beautiful babies", revealed Virna. She added that each little girl has a unique gift and unique personality.  "There must be something that they can wear that reflects their uniqueness, something to twirl in as the little princess that they are, and yet enjoy their childhood, letting kids be kids."
Erin et Vivien is planning to release new designs in time for their Spring/Summer collection in 2011. Currently, Erin et Vivien is available online and at selected bazaars in the metro. 

What's nice about their skirts is that they can be fully customized to suit a girl's personality, with the cutest of color combinations. Since these skirts are made from soft tulle strips hand-tied to an elastic waistband, don't expect a circle skirt and lining underneath. It's fluffy and frilly, and that's what makes the skirt unique and innovative.

My girl is wearing a 'Lia' skirt here, with dainty pink, yellow, and purple colors that are just so girl-y! You can find more skirts in different hues from their website and order for your little princesses now, just in time for the holiday parties. They can wear them over colored tights and leggings, bloomers, or any way they want! Babies and toddlers would equally look adorable in these skirts. Girls really have all the fun!

I also found these colorful, comfy-looking  'kimono shoes' for baby boys and girls, from Erin et Vivien's Facebook page...too cute to pass up for the hippest babies!
@ P199 (photo from their Facebook page)
Happy shopping!

Erin et Vivien
Website: www.erinetvivien.com
Facebook Page

My girl was also featured here by Erin et Vivien.

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