Yummy Soyami, The Good Chip

Incorporating soy into meals help decrease fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories, and increase fiber while still providing children with key vitamins and minerals. Soy contains many essential nutrients important for growth and development, and works well as a primary source of protein without contributing excess calories. - source: Soyami Soya Chips

I received a sample pack of Soyami Soya Chips from my 'loot bag' during the recent mom bloggers' Christmas party. I couldn't wait to try and share it with my kids, especially to the girl who loves her chips and candies, so I wanted to introduce this healthier alternative to the usual stuff she munches on.

@ P39.00 / 50g  :  Light, crisp, and healthy soya chips
"It's yummy mommy, can I have all?"
Those were her exact words after she took a bite and grabbed the whole pack to eat by herself. I liked it too! One pack was not enough for us to share though.
Munching on her Soyami original flavor in her Harry Potter glasses!
The taste and texture of Soyami Original flavor reminded me of the imported Tostitos tortilla chips. It's lightly salted, with a clean natural taste, and very crispy. It tasted a bit bland at first but after a few chips, I found myself wanting for more. I would not mind buying several bags of this when I get the chance. Consider this a good food find.

Soyami Soya Chips is made from 100% real soya. It has no MSG, no trans-fat, non-GMO, and is certified Halal. It also comes in Pizza and White Cheddar flavors which I would love to try as well. Available at leading groceries and supermarkets.

Try Soyami and you'll be surprised that you can enjoy and serve it in more interesting ways that the family and friends will love. Aside from having it for snacks, here are other serving suggestions:
  • Serve as side chips with your favorite sandwich
  • Pack in your kid's lunch box as snack in school
  • Crush chips and use as breading for chicken fingers or fried fish fillets
  • Crumble to bits and use as topping for your soups or salads
  • Serve as 'Chips and Dips' with a variety of dips like cheese, chili, and salsa
  • Use as a tasty alternative to tortilla chips for your 'Taco Salad'

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