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This is off my usual post but for my local readers, I am hoping some may find this a bit interesting.

After watching a wonderful ballet show yesterday (watch out for this feature) at the Glorietta mall with the kids, we passed by this small retail kiosk and I thought I recognized this really tall guy hiding under a baseball cap, quietly arranging bottles and gift bags. I quickly pointed to our yaya (nanny) that it's the controversial model (celebrity?) hunk Hayden Kho! And of course you now know what happened next -- picture, picture! :)

As you can see, yaya was start-struck and all smiles, and the kids, oblivious to what was happening, just smiled and went along with the photo-op. I must admit, he was way better looking in person than on TV and print. The charming lad even tried to carry my girl for the picture, convincing her that he's "not a bad man". He failed to win her and ended up just giving her a spritz of the pink cologne. She loved it!
photo from the official website
Eventually, other curious by-standers saw us taking photos and just as we thanked him and went our way, they too recognized the tall man by the counter and had their own photos taken with him.

I admire him for personally attending to the product display and greeting his patrons as he introduced his own fragrance line branded simply as HAYDEN.  It so happens that I recently read about his story from the November issue of Yes! magazine (Philippine edition), and from a newspaper feature. Know more about this controversial personality and read the whole back story here from the The Philippine Star (PhilStar.com).

My yaya was informed by the clerk that the colognes sell for P680.00 per 100ml bottle. I must admit, it does smell so delightful on my girl and the sweet scent enveloped our car on our way home! It reminded me so much of an imported brand but I can't seem to put my finger on it. For those who know me, you can bet this will haunt me for days until I match the Pink scent with the imported brand...(sigh)...

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