Mom-Friday is a Nominee for The Philippine Blog Awards 2010

I am so honored to be nominated to The Philippine Blog Awards for Best Home and Parenting Blog!  A  big, big thanks to friends who believed and nominated this site.

I didn't think much about blogging when I started a year and a half ago. All I wanted was to present the many facets of being a mom -- thus the title, Mom-Friday. This has been a creative outlet for me and a tool to share and exchange ideas, and learnings. I still have so much more to discover about the world of blogging. I don't even know enough of the tech stuff, monetizing, and blog terminologies!

Knowing that there are people like you who actually read and appreciate what I do here is enough encouragement for me to continue blogging. And now with this nomination, it's a big bonus already. Now I really have to push further and do better to really deserve this.

THANK YOU very much.

Mom-Friday's first post, revisited.
Who is Mom-Friday?

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