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Several weeks ago, I found myself ordering this really cute, everyday watch after reminiscing on the good ol' days of my elementary and high school years -- "wear white and blue...our alma mater I.C.A...".
This is the ChICA Swatch, a commemorative ICA watch launched by Batch ’89 in celebration of ICA's 75th Founding Anniversary as the first Catholic Chinese-Filipino School in the Philippines. Immaculate Conception Academy is an exclusive school for girls.

I was really curious how this watch came to be, and so I got in touch with Ms. Shellane Bantoto-Dy -- this special edition watch was her brainchild.

Mom-Friday's Q&A with Shellane:

Q:  How did the idea of having a ChICA watch started?

A:  While watching last year's homecoming, our batchmate, Andrea Chio, jokingly said that we can use ChICA as our theme for our homecoming in 2014 and we all agreed because it was such an apt description for our batch. After that, a group of us met to decide on possible fund-raising activities in preparation for our homecoming. We decided to start with producing a ChICA Eco Bag. We asked our batchmate, Steff Buenaventura, to draw little grade school and high school girls (for the design) and we sold the ChICA bags at the ICA Fair last January.  To our surprise, it was a big hit. I likewise broached the idea of coming up with an ICA Swatch watch after seeing the limited edition Ateneo Swatch watch.

Q:  Why the design and who designed it?

A:  We asked our batchmates to give their ideas and we had about 10 designs to choose from. Since the ChICA bag design was getting good feedbacks, we decided to use the ChICA girls again for the watch. We asked Steff to draw more girls while Andrea and I styled the watch. The girls represented the different personalities and looks of ICAns and the sisterhood that was forged within the walls of ICA.

Q:  Is this for a cause?

A:  Proceeds of the ICA watch will go to the ICA Scholarship Fund.

Q:  How much is the watch and how can we order?

A:  P3,500 (approx. US$79) fixed price.
The ICA Swatch watch is available at the ICA Alumnae Office or at any Swatch store or kiosk near you.

This was supposed to be a Mom-Finds entry, but as I was editing this post the other day, I learned that the ChICA Swatch was SOLD OUT!  So congratulations to Batch '89 for the success of this fund-raising project. It's really something to rave about. And to all those fortunate enough to acquire one, treasure it -- for posterity and to keep the sisterhood alive!

Next gen ICAn?

Read more about the proud, successful ICANs and their ChICA Swatch in this special feature of The Philippine Star (Sunday, 24 October 2010).
(Photo from ICAAA.com.ph / as featured in the The Philippine Star)

Immaculate Conception Academy
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San Juan City

Email: secretariat@icaaa.com.ph
Tel.: (632) 721-2687

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