Kid-Style: Holloween Cuties 2010

Holloween hang-over? Well, I'm sure a lot of kiddies out there haven't had enough of their treats yet and are still hanging on to their colorful, over-the-top, or whimsical costumes!

My boy had a change of heart and insisted on wearing his macho Transformer BumbleBee suit (which he has obviously outgrown -- check the hem!) instead of the fairly new Harry Potter gear.  So guess who got lucky to take on the wizard's cloak?

Over the weekend, I thought I'd invite my Facebook friends to send in some captured moments of children in their cutest Holloween costumes! Creative, unique, and off-the-charts cuteness factors made these snapshots Mom-Friday's favorites (in no particular order).

Baby Bumble Bee : "Mommy's office has the best hiding place ever!"
from mommy Sharon

Pumpkin Boy:  "Hey! Who plucked me out of my pumpkin patch?!?"
from mommy Pehpot

AquaMan Goes Green: "Litterbugs beware! My seaweed tentacles can catch you!"
from mommy Czaroma

Enchanting Cinderella: "Wait for me my prince...I'll be back..."
from mommy Cecilia

Hawaiian Princess: "Um...does the pumpkin pail complement my fabulous hula outfit?"
from mommy Meme

Mermaid In The City: "I'm ready for my close-up now."
from mommy Margaret

Penguin Dude: "I just had my flippers cleaned, so don't make me wobble!"
from mommy Rone

Save the best for last?  This is pure ingenuity from mom Frances...awesome!

21st Century Astronaut: "Houston, I'm ready for Mars!"
Taekwondo uniform transformed to a space suit with duct tape+styropore+lotsa mom's love+imagination!
Sent by mommy Meme

I hope these adorables made you smile! :-)

THANK YOU to all the parents who generously shared these beautiful and precious photos of their youngsters all decked out in their Holloween best! 'Til the next Kid-Style feature. :-)

Kudos to my readers who had bet on the girl getting her way for Holloween (",)
Find out here: Harry Potter Is In The House!

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