Seeing Yellow, Black, and White: Prelude to a December Wedding

Christmas is just 2 Fridays away!  And all around me I see shiny and sparkling golds, reds, silvers and greens...and then there's bright yellows, blacks and whites.  Okay, that last three colors are really not for the Yuletide cheer, but rather for my upcoming event. 

This time of the year is a true test to my being a Mom-Friday, multi-tasking to the max!  Since late October, I'm neck-deep into the holiday rush. So, while I do have a line-up of entries I wish to share with you every day, I can only promise brief Fridays-only posts for the coming weeks leading to the new year. And if you were following this blog, you would already have an idea of what keeps me pre-occupied.  I am currently struggling to manage my time between the kid's year-end school activities, punching a few hours in the office, rushing some home improvements, aside from wedding planning with my overseas couples, among others. Whew! I'm already stressed just thinking about my To-Do List!  Now, about the yellow, black and white...

Amidst the dizzying days of December, I have devoted much of my "me" time in preparing for two unique weddings that are exactly 19 days apart, pre- and post-New Year's. Both couples are based abroad, hence, long-distance online planning. Can you feel my stress now?

For today's post, I am dedicating to C & C.  I am honored to be planning this very mod, super cool, and awe-inspiring post-Christmas wedding for this dear couple whom I've met more than 6 years ago, and whom I have gotten to know even better during the last 11 months. Coincidentally, this is my second December 27 wedding -- last year was G & J's intimate affair, both of whom are also friends with C & C, this year's couple. C & C are both young, spiritual, and highly creative individuals with a clear vision of how they would want their wedding to be -- which has made planning so much easier for us. But not without your usual share of supplier kinks, couple's squabbles and family-related issues, all very common and totally anticipated.

After months of sharing great ideas through YM chats, emails, a couple of tightly-scheduled trips, and D.I.Y. projects for the wedding, we are almost at the homestretch.  I just can't wait to see the fruits of our labor. I am leaving you with a few of the elements the couple has allowed me to share, as a preview to the upcoming formal fete. Enjoy and be inspired.

Cute "Quotes" buttons for guests, designed and produced by the couple

Practical attendants' gifts (back view)

Wedding Program with the theme quotation from the bible, also personally designed and produced by the couple

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