Mom-Finds For Girls: Thea White Cotton Dresses (Limited time only)

Just a day late for Mom-Finds. I know it's not Friday yet and believe me, my days are still so full. And though I recently committed to blog only on Fridays in the next several weeks, I needed to put in some time to post this one now as these lovely white things are available for a limited time -- until Saturday only.

White Cotton Dresses

After a fruitful meeting with my soon-to-wed couple, our last stop was a visit to the church where they will tie the knot after Christmas. And just outside the office, I found myself drawn to the rows of dreamy, white dresses on display.

As if tempting me here, the future bride knew me so well...I just can't leave without buying an item or two and she was right. How could you resist these pure, white, cotton day dresses, baby baptismal gowns, teddies and night gowns for girls, babies, and ladies? Love, love, love whites!

They looked so cool, light, and oh so comfy to wear. I only left with two for my little girl and stopped from getting one for myself.

P250 @ : Sweet details of eyelet lace edging, pin tuck bodice and mandarin collar in white cotton make this a charming day wear.  I was told these are sold for P400 at bazaars and trade shows.

My girl, always the independent, insists on doing things her way, on her own. This makes us so proud as she most often succeeds, like dressing and undressing, and buttoning her shirts -- and she's not even 3 yet!

I'm just so pleased that the girl quickly tried them on as soon as she saw them hanging on the cabinet doors.

You still have a few days to finish your Christmas shopping, and these adorable dresses may complete your list.

This is Mom-Friday signing out.  Check back on Friday  (",)

If you liked these dresses, you may ask for a Thea representative by calling the church office to inquire on future selling dates, and other exhibit venues. Details below:

Thea Cotton Dresses
c/o The Church of The Holy Trinity Compound
48 McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City 
Tel. (632) 8179440


  1. I was just going to say the same thing, these white dresses sell for P500 up at the karl edward bazaar. I love, love white dresses. Is it also P250 for ladies size?

  2. Love the dresses!!! Ang cute!!!

  3. What a cutie pie M is!!! Very independent also! That's why i like girls... :)

  4. Thanks for your post. I hope to find a graduation dress for my daughter this March. Yesterday I just thought of the eyelet clothes my grandma used to buy for us. Really loved the dresses! Ü


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