Santa Came To Town Early!

I was supposed to have a Mom-Cook entry today but got immediately side-tracked by a wonderful surprise. So here goes my quickie post for today...

As we prepare for lunch and packing all sorts of stuff for my boy's class party this afternoon, the doorbell rang.  I was told that a man stood outside the gate with a big brown box. It's what we've been expecting to arrive early next week!  But maybe Santa knows we've been good boys and girls and thus granted us our early Christmas wishes!!!

Before I got the chance to whip out my digicam, the ubiquitous big brown Forex balikbayan box was already opened and out came an assortment of goodies, household items, DVDs, shoes, books, gifts from my sis-in-law, and the highlight of them all ...(drum roll...)

... MY Christmas wish -- a brand new Canon 500D (Rebel T1i) digital SLR camera! Woohooo!

Among my many interests, learning photography is the most achievable for me at the moment, and ever since I got hold of our first digital camera almost seven years ago, I got hooked. For months, I've been researching online for the most value-for-money, user-friendly, fit-to-my-needs camera model.  Now here it is at last.

It may take a while before I get the hang of using my new 'toy'. Hopefully, before the wedding next Sunday, I can be comfortable enough to take better shots, and maybe give the official photographer a run for his money, hahahaha! Definitely, you will be seeing future posts with images captured by my first DSLR. I can't wait!

We are very grateful and thankful to my sister-in-law who's living in the U.S. of A. for having painstakingly prepared and boxed all these beautiful things and had it shipped in time for Christmas.  Just like any Filipino families with relatives abroad, having balikbayan boxes is customary, an annual thing.  For our family, we order quite a lot of stuff online, thru Amazon.com, so we get them all packed in one box. Our current camera was also purchased online and shipped to us a few years back, at a very, very good price.

I've been a trying-hard photographer for so long, and now I hope I can better myself with the new cam. You can browse through some of my earlier related posts, as 99% of the images in this blog was taken by me with our handy digicam, currently Lumix TZ3.

If you're a pro or an enthusiast, your photography tips and tricks would be highly appreciated!

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I do hope you all get your Christmas wishes too!