Breastfeeding and The Medela House

“Breastmilk is best for babies up to two years” – I truly believe in this advocacy.  Just ‘Google’ this topic and you will find a long list of the benefits of breastmilk and breastfeeding to the mother and child.  

It amazes me that even with modern science and technology in producing what I call “fully loaded” formula milk and food supplements for babies, more and more parents are now going back to basics -- back to the natural way of nursing and feeding their newborns.  And most baby companies are advocating this as well.

One company that actively supports breastfeeding is Medela, the industry leader in breastpumps and number one choice among hospitals and mothers. Founded in Switzerland in 1961, Medela is the only company to develop their products based on research by the world’s leading lactation experts.

Just recently, I was able to visit the Medela House when I got a few breastpump accessories for my friend who is a first-time mom. I got curious about the "Medela House" when she told me about it, and when I got there, it is actually a big house located in New Manila, Quezon City that was remodeled to feature a lecture hall, an office and a showroom. I was not able to ask about the other facilities but the place is spacious, with a garden and ample parking space, and is currently being improved.  The House was opened by MedelaMoms, Inc., the exclusive authorized distributor of Medela products in the country. I was able to meet one of the partners during my brief visit, the very accommodating Ms. Maricel Cua, who showed me some of their latest products and other mother and baby care accessories they carry.

Aside from showcasing various products, the House will act as a support center and venue for breastfeeding classes and other topics that aims to educate and guide expectant and new parents. And part of that support is their complete line of breast pumps and accessories to make breastfeeding and expressing milk more convenient for mothers. Learn more about them and their upcoming schedule of activities from their site. They are also the authorized service center where customers can bring their Medela breastpump units for cleaning and repairs.

With more than a dozen of my friends currently nursing, I was feeling sort of “in the zone” with them as I fondly recall my own so-called adventures and misadventures in breastfeeding some years back.
“Were you able to breastfeed?”
“How long did you breastfeed?”
“How much milk did you produce?”
“Did you pump (express) milk? What pump did you use?”
“What formula (milk) did you buy?”
These are just some of the questions I often get from my somewhat confused and worried friends, especially from the first-time moms, and even dads!  I can definitely sympathize since taking care of a newborn is just so overwhelming and exhausting. And for each of those questions, I try to share what I have learned from my two very different experiences with my babies. Now that's another story.

After giving birth the first time, I neither had any support nor references except for the books I’ve read, the internet, and my OB-Gyne. I didn’t attend any birthing and baby care class whatsoever. Good thing a friend shared with me her notes from a breastfeeding class that she attended, which I have posted here. It was only until I was heavy with my second child that I was able to attend an enriching seminar at Gymboree, which talked about lactation, breastfeeding, infant care and massage.

With a heightened awareness on the importance of breastfeeding, more advocates and support groups are providing classes, all well-equipped to give a helping hand to guide new moms on this challenging yet fulfilling nursing experience. Now I wished the Medela House had opened sooner as I would definitely have attended a class or two. Coincidentally, one of their resource speakers, certified lactation expert Ms. Abbie Yabot, was also the one who conducted the talk I attended at Gymboree. She was very encouraging and truly an inspiration.

I am also a satisfied ‘Medelamom’ since I used the very compact, lightweight and easy-to-use Swing breastpump -- also ideal for moms on-the-go. This was my dependable partner while I successfully breastfed my baby girl for 18 months.

To all you expectant parents and nursing moms, whether you are breastfeeding or expressing milk, take advantage of the generous support and expertise that the Medela House can provide aside from the wide array of specialized products and accessories to support breastfeeding. They will definitely help you become more secure and confident in feeding and caring for your precious bundles of joy.

Displayed here are other non-Medela products available at the House.

MedelaMoms, Inc. – Ms. Maricel Cua and Ms. Beng Feliciano
Medela House:  29 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City (near corner of Gilmore Ave.)
Tel. Nos.: (632) 725-3723; (632) 738-6272

Mobile No.:  +63917-5614366
Email: medelamoms@yahoo.com or medelamoms@gmail.com

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