Mom-Finds For Girls: Anne Juleth

Everybody deserves a good break or any sort of distraction after this very difficult week. It really took a big effort on my part to pull up this post after updating my recent 'help list'. But I made a commitment with this regular feature, and I guess it's always nice to have practical options especially during these times of crises.  Since it's pay-day weekend once again, allow me to share a few fashion finds for my little girl.

Girl's Jeans and Dresses 

P350 : Ralph Lauren (export overrun) light washed bootleg girl's denim, from Anne Juleth.
My daughter and I love the soft feel of the denim, and I really like the bootleg fit on her, even with the large fold at the hem, at least for now ;)

My girl personally chose her whole outfit for that day, and she's not even 3 yet! I guess it's never too young to have your own personal style. Well, except for that flashlight, she looked really well-coordinated don't you think so?

And here she is, channeling her inner model.

There are other shades you can choose from.  Shorts and khakis are also available under various brands.

P250 : Aqua blue seersucker sundress in checks and dots.  I particularly like the patchwork on the ruched bodice and dainty floral embroidery.  So girly-girl!

If I can only decide for her every time, I would love to have her wear dresses like these more often. But this early, my spunky young lady would insist on her choice, "I want for boys!" (meaning boy's clothes) or anything similar to what big brother is wearing.

P350 : Brown stretch cotton sundress with white floral prints.  One of many Gap Kids overruns, also from Anne Juleth.  This was "love at first sight" when I saw it on the window display.

This is one of my favorite stores because of the quality and variety of their wares for boys, girls, and toddlers. Ever since my son was born almost six years ago, I never fail to visit their shops every time I'm in Greenhills, and always leaving the store with a bag of export-quality clothes. Proof of that are all the Carter's pajama sets and Gap jeans and khakis that my boy had out-grown or worn out, from sizes 6 months to 5T! Now, my girl is in 3Ts already...

From pajamas to underwear, tops and bottoms, onesies to dresses, swimwear, and even baptismal gowns, there's always something you can find for the growing tykes from Anne Juleth, with most items costing below P500! Love it!

Anne Juleth
Shops in Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan:  
2/F Virra Mall
Level C, Shoppesville
The Bridgeway Shops, Tel. No. (632) 725-7737

Other Shops:
Market, Market!
Kindertown, Alabang Town Center
Festival Supermall
Robinsons Place Pioneer-EDSA


  1. jen, she's a very willing and game model! i'm sure G can strut her stuff as well!

  2. you know I frequent Anne Juleth too! pero I found a store in Pasig wet market that carries some dresses from anne juleth at half the price. Can you believe that? carter's over run dress for only 150! steal di ba

    reminds me, the one sati wore on her baptismal comes from Anne Juleth!

  3. Peh - lucky you! that's a great bargain! :) they really have affordable pretty dresses, suki na ako dito :)


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