Weekend (Cheap) Thrills

Ah, Friday... time for some relaxing days ahead...a respite for tired, busy bodies from the week's load. But for a parent like myself, having a "me time" over the weekend is a luxury, even a secret indulgence for some. With kids around, plans can always change in a snap.

A play group on a Saturday and a road trip on a Sunday? How about grocery shopping or a bicycle ride around the village? Planning your weekends can either be simple, full of adventure, or quite extravagant.

Our weekends past were simple, yes, but not bland at all. For the boy and girl of the house, arcade games, carousel rides and a run through the park is just the right blend for a great weekend. And it didn't cost us much. Maybe sometime soon, a short out-of-town trip or a visit to a museum can be part of the weekend itinerary.

"It sure was fun today mommy!" Enough said.

Our trips to the mall will not be complete without a few kiddie rides

Rocking away on the cow and the pink pig
(it's pink or nothing for my girl!)

Taking home a variety of candies is such a treat -- gummies, orange drops,
jelly beans, and J's favorite (mine too) Caramels

Spotting the fish in the pond
Who would have thought a walk in the park in the middle of Greenbelt
can offer endless fun for these two... and it's free!

 ... busy picking twigs and leaves, searching for bugs and ants

treasures found!

And the best surprise -- two ducks quacked their way though the hedge,
crossed over our side of the field and the kids quickly ran after them in sheer amazement!
They were too fast and I only got this shot.

A nice meal always completes the day (though this is not cheap)...

Ebi Tempura Tray at Sugi -- complete with miso soup, pickled raddish and mustard leaves,
I was satisfied.
The tempura was light and crispy, batter-coated just right, not too thick.

Ready to attack the California Maki -- crab and mango rice roll wrapped in savory nori, yum!
Smoking hot miso soup, with it's flavorful broth and tidbits of tofu and seaweed
Katsudon is J's Japanese comfort food -- but not quite as good as the versions of Kimpura and Jipan.
The Dragon Roll looks better than it tastes.

Then it's DVD time at home -- and this one I liked very much :)


  1. Oooh, can't wait to watch that movie also!! Hey, I love Shabby Blogs as well!!!!

    Hmmm, Mich, you are making me very very hungry for Japanese food!! Katsudon sounds just about right!

  2. i also like this movie!! :) very rare that I like one lol - chevy


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