Show and Tell

Everyday, my kids doodle and draw, tumble and jump, sing and dance, and just demonstrate whatever talent or new skills they discover. And more often than not, they want me to capture their work with the digicam, and sometimes, give an impromptu performance without much prodding! Such a show-off these kids, yet still so charming and wildly entertaining. I guess it comes with the territory.

Excellent. Good job! Very good. That's great! Awesome.

With all the books I have read on parenting and child development, the common denominator is the importance of kids being acknowledged -- for their innate talents, skills, feelings, accomplishments, their good deeds, and compliance to the rules set for them. Be generous with praises, reprimand when necessary. Without a doubt, this builds their self-esteem, self-worth, confidence. However, some argued that too much praise is also not good. To each his own, I say. What matters most is we are able to let them feel loved, appreciated and important. And we are always there to support and cheer them on.

Giving an enthusiastic "Wow" even for a disfigured line drawing will already put a sparkle in the little ones' eyes and you will see how proud they feel, and encouraged to do more... far greater things.

So here's to my future doctor, painter, ballerina, scientist, engineer, astronaut...well, that's what they told me ;)

...first painting on canvass from art class, as inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night


...evolution of a robot

...showing off her new shades, new top, purse - all gifts from grandma

...one of hundreds of JT's solar system drawings, and only one of a few with colors

...rocking it out like a pro on her fave pink guitar
(would love to post the video version but uploading takes ages!)

...proudly flashing a heart cut-out greeting for me

Finally, my own 'show and tell' -- one proud mama can't help but take a snap at this:

Without anyone looking, on her own, our 2-year old girl properly set aside her shoes, removed her socks and tucked it in place, then played quietly with big brother on the couch.


  1. Oh my gosh, G and M are so similar. G does that with her shoes as well--line them us and stick her socks in them! Now if only she could get potty trained! Any tips? G tells us when she wants to pee and she does it on her own, but not all the time. If she's wearing a diaper, she'll just pee in it. Only if she's not wearing anything will she tell us that she needs to go. But of course, we can't leave her naked below all the time...any tips?

  2. they are sooo alike! maybe also because they are at the exact same stage in their growing years...Don't rush her to be trained, toddlers have their "readiness" phase and it can be anywhere between 2 to 4.5 years old. Diaper is their safety net so they always 'let go' when they have one on, but if they don't, they tell us wee-wee :) Just make her wear panties during the day, then diapers only at bedtime and when going out :) soon, try w/o one at bedtime.


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