Color Your World

Inspiration board. Theme board. Swatch board. Mood board. 
Call it as you please but they mean the same thing -- these boards serve as a guide and color palette, creating a unique look for a design project or event. The board is a collection of interesting elements, inspiring photos, objects, fabrics, and whatever strikes your fancy.

There's a heavy downpour since this morning and I originally planned to post the kids' first dental visit, but I thought it's best to give a burst of energy to kick off the weekend and have a cheery mood for today. So, I'm sharing some theme boards (I prefer this term) I gathered from here, here, and here. I have 'collected' them to provide inspiration for my future wedded couples as I help them plan their altar date. From pastels to striking bold colors, jewel tones and metallics, these color schemes will help you visualize your ideas and ultimately create a well-coordinated space or a high-impact event.

These first three images are from my best chum in Canada, J.Laceda, who takes amazing photos that are truly inspiring, most of which you can enjoy in her blog.

I hope these vibrant and inviting colors will cheer you up and stir your imagination to create something beautiful, be it for a bedroom, a party, or a work of art. If you decide to make you own theme board, do share it here ;)

burgandy, cream and champagne
black, white and yellow
fuschia, black and white, with damask pattern
black, ivory, and blush
white, silver, and lilac
teal, olive and blue, with peacock accent
pink, white, and apple green
teal green, crimson red, burgandy
white, tiffany blue, and periwinkle

Source:  Theme boards from www.weddingbycolor.com


  1. I love the new banner, and of course, I love the theme boards you've created! You are indeed a very talented mom-friday!

  2. thanks jen, i got inspiration from your photos as well...but the boards are from another site, wish i have time to create my own! ;)


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