Me and My #TeamMom

This may sound cliché, but I do feel blessed to have groups of friends, old and new, that act as my support group and cheering squad in different aspects of my life. They are my #TeamMoms. And just like me, we all have own victories and challenges to share and learn from while we grow as individuals and enter different phases of motherhood.

(L-R) Cai, Jackie, Chessy, me

One particular #TeamMom in my life is this bunch right here. After meeting through Tweet-ups (nung panahon na uso pa sa amin ang Twitter friends meet-up) and blogging events several years ago, we "found" each other again through pilates. Ang pinaka-maingay sa pilates class - kami yon! =)  Mas masaya naman if you work out with friends, diba? They make my fitness journey more fun and exciting, and motivates me to keep going.

Getting together was never planned. Everything just came spontaneously for us as we found common interests along the way. Kahit ako ang senior citizen sa group, I can relate with each one of them (feeling forever 28, hahaha).  What started as a pilates group chat became a safe haven for us to talk about anything and everything without feeling judged. From mundane topics to serious social and family issues, shoppings finds, workout schedules, rants and musings, we find comfort and support from each other. I feel really happy when I'm with these mamas. Laging good vibes!

Admittedly, we are still in the process of getting to know each other on a deeper level. Friendship is also a journey of discovery and I know that my #TeamMom is for keeps.

Pilates is just one aspect of what makes our #TeamMom click, and our friends Janice and Jing from Mommy Mundo took notice. We shared our fitness story here.  

Not long after that, they invited us to be a part of Expo Mom's 10th year anniversary celebration that will pay tribute to #TeamMoms that have served as a lifeline for mothers all over the Philippines.

We hope to see you at EXPO MOM 2017!!!

Here are behind-the-scenes shots during our #pilatesmoms pictorial at The Picture Company studio.

Our interview was a riot! Read about our story and get to know my #TeamMom here at mommymundo.com/teammom-the-pilates-moms.  And please watch this video with some bloopers and surprises! =)

Thank you, MOMMY MUNDO, for making our #TeamMom a part of this milestone event of #EXPOMOM2017.

 Expo Mom 2017
Glorietta Activity Center
May 5 to 7, 2017

Bring your #TeamMom along and together find practical and effective solutions to mommy challenges and concerns. Attend the talks and workshops with expert resource persons, shop 'til you drop, give yourself a break, and connect with fellow moms.

Visit Expo Mom and join the GRAND GIVEAWAY!

Be inspired by #TeamMoms across the country as Expo Mom gives recognition to remarkably resilient mom squads who are changing the world in their own special way.  

Here's how:
Share your #TeamMom story on social media, and you and 3 of your mommy friends get the chance to have a 4 days 3 nights getaway to Taiwan, overnight vacation in Tagaytay, or win quality appliances for your homes.

Click here for complete mechanics.

Expo Mom 2017 is open to the public.
Mommy Mundo Passport Holders get free entrance and a limited edition Mommy Mundo tote bag. Regular attendees will just need to give a P25 donation at the gate. 
All entrance fees from Expo Mom go towards Mommy Mundo’s Momshare fund which funds various projects with our partner foundations such as Childhope Asia Philippines, a non-profit, non-government organization working to promote the welfare of street children. 

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