Coding Classes for Kids and Teens

It's the digital age, and many tweens and teens are very much into YouTube and gaming. My girl has started creating her vlogs while the boy's interest in programming and gaming has grown over the past few years. Last January, he was finally able to attend a coding class at Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge (JACK) and there was no turning back. He loved it! This summer, he already picked his course and I'm actually pleased that he is serious about learning more. 

His TLE subject for homeschool credits robotics and coding classes for grade 6 and up. Last year, he did Lego Mindstorm, and this year, we are enrolling at JACK for their summer program. J and I are fully supporting his interest coz we all know that even if these kids are "just gamers", their being tech-savvy can later help them become innovators and creators of technology.  Buti nalang there's JACK, who offers these types of programs.

A premier study center, JACK aims to teach kids and teens basic coding knowledge through hands-on training.  JACK acknowledges how coding has become the literacy of the future, and with it comes its mission to provide an avenue for younger people to learn coding at an early age.

What we love about JACK:
  • Classes are delivered by subject matter experts who share the same passion for the industry and teaching kids
  • Several programs offered for specific interests and levels, designed to strengthen students' logical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as boost their creativity
    • 8 courses to choose from (see course offerings below)
  • Classes are held in a kid-friendly environment, fun and interactive setting
    • Conveniently located in Ortigas Center
  • Open to kids and teens, as young as 8 years old
  • Equipment and materials are inclusive of the program fees
  • Snack is also provided every class

Students can start on basic courses and later on level up to more advanced ones. 
(Click poster for complete course schedules and fees)

Scratch: Welcome to the World of Coding
Teaches the fundamentals of coding. A programming platform developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Scratch allows students to create interactive stories, animations, and games, giving them a better appreciation of coding.

A Taste of Game Salad
Design, execute, and publish a game on the App Store and Play Store using the Game Salad tool.

Swift Playgrounds
Provides a new learning experience as students solve puzzles, take on new challenges, and build more advanced creations while learning to code in Swift programming language from Apple.

The Engineer: Coding and Robotics
Students learn coding by programming micro controllers, servomotors, and smart sensors to make the lego bricks come to life. Advanced class is also offered.

Program, Practice, and Play with BB-8 Droid
Program your own droid to follow rules, avoid obstructions and execute maneuvers. In this class, kids discover how coding can interact with the real world.

Minecraft: Code and Mod
Learn how to build and create their own Minecraft game character and environment, and even animate elements through coding.

For Minecraft, there are two advanced courses:

My World I: Minecraft VR
A more immersive version of Minecraft that uses the virtual reality technology, students can feel like they are actually in the world they created as they explore it with the help of Google Cardboard.

My World II: Minecraft with Google Tilt Brush
Using the VR technology, this course provides a new experience as it turns the virtual world into a canvas. Using the 3D Painting Program Google Tilt Brush, students can paint their own world as they please.

JACK teachers are University of the Philippines graduates with a degree in the field of computer science, engineering, and information technology. They are industry professionals representing tech giants and multinationals, and are keen in providing the highest quality of education to students in an engaging environment.

While other coding bootcamps for kids are already popular in other countries, JACK is the first of its kind here in the Philippines. “We realized that the Philippines is lagging behind our other ASEAN counterparts in terms of coding knowledge and awareness. We then hope to bridge that gap by giving our children an avenue where they have an opportunity to become fluent in technology,” says Rose A. Saulog, one of the founders of JACK. "We wanted the children to have a hands-on experience by having the school in a real tech firm and by getting innovative and brand new tech teaching materials from the US.”

Interested in letting your kids learn code? Participants may enroll in basic to advanced courses or individual classes. Discounts are also available if students enroll in multiple courses. 

To register, go to jack.com.ph/register

For more information, you may check jack.com.ph or contact 0977-8410482.
Penthouse, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center
Exchange Road Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Unmarked photos provided by JACK.

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