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If there's one thing I have in common with the girl when I was her age, it's arts and crafts. I think I picked up the hobby from my mother who is very skilled in this department, which includes sewing as well. When I was younger, I didn't get to buy dresses and accessories for my Barbie doll so I ended up sewing ponchos and skirts, fashion accessories, and creating furniture out of match boxes, buttons and scraps. M is into these stuff right now and when my friend showed me a Mishka Build and Bond toy, I knew she'll love this and it will be a good activity for both of us.

M has been into micro crafts and toys since last year, and I featured some of her creations here. She's been stitching and sewing more often lately to create clothes and accessories for her LPS toys. When I saw these "doll houses" from Mishka Build and Bond, I wanted them for myself too, heehee... nakaka-aliw and I thought to surprise her with this. It's awesome! This Sakura Sushi Shop was sent as a gift and it was so cool even J wanted to join and start building with us. We should have started with a smaller kit first coz we found this too daunting with all the materials and steps, hahahaha! This remains an unfinished project.

I ordered several smaller sets as gifts and an extra for us to build. This will take days, or weeks to finish.  Which also means more gadget-free days with the kid!

This bedroom with a bunk beds is our current project and we are in the middle of building it. So kahit hindi pa tapos, I wanted to show it na and couldn't wait 'til my Mom-Finds feature to share this with you so you can also order for your family or get them as gifts. The top photo is the expected outcome of our toy bedroom. 

Actually, ang main purpose talaga ni M is to use this as a room for her LPS toys! =) We've been having petty quarrels over this coz with some pieces she doesn't want to try to measure and cut. Anyway, here's the kit complete with all the materials, and even the glue and wires for the bedroom light!

Some bigger sets like the Sushi shop includes scissors, but this one doesn't.
For this set, we needed:
Cutter, scissors
No-nail adhesive for wood and boards
(coz the white glue included is only good for sealing wall paper and lighter materials)
Glue gun/glue
Plastic knife or old plastic cards - use to spread glue evenly
Ruler or tape measure
Needle and thread
Tray (act as work surface to keep tiny materials from getting lost)

Two nights palang kami and we've only set up the walls and floor, plus the main furniture. The manual shows all the materials included, and illustrated instruction for each part of the house. No english translation but the item code and photos are enough to show you the step-by-step procedure. It's very meticulously designed kaya you need time to concentrate! Meron din room designs for boys. 

Kailangan kong mag-salamin sa liit ng ibang pictures that needed to be cut. This is ideal for 10 years old and above, but even smaller kids can do this with parents' help, especially when using the cutter and adhesive. A light and steady hand would be an advantage to piece them all together without damaging the pieces, hehehe. We'll continue building over the weekend. Nakakatuwa, I can't wait for this to be completed!

You can order from: Instagram.com/mishkabuildandbond.

(To be updated once we complete the room.)

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