Family Friday: Poop Problems

Second Friday of the month:  Health / Wellness

I don't know what other term to use, so excuse the title if it sounds iffy to you. =) This post is really all about what my girl has been going through for the past two months. She's been very emotional every time she experiences abdominal pains. She wants it to go away. We all do.  She's been though a lot during the past few weeks and most nights, she wants to sleep with us in our bed. The pains and discomfort are affecting not just her health, but also her studies, her sleep patterns, her diet, our day-to-day activities and weekend plans, not to mention my own health coz I also cannot sleep soundly when she can't sleep at night.

I am sharing this, though it's a touchy subject, so parents can spot and get proper care if this happens to your children, or even to adults. Preventive measures narin to avoid having to go though this discomfort and inconvenience.

So, what's with the poop problem? It's not exactly constipation, coz she is passing stool regularly. Sorry, I can't understand the exact medical term of the pediatrician. We are fortunate to have a pedia who is also a gastroenterologist -- this is his forte. 

Simply put, doc said that the abdominal pains or cramps are caused by the poop stuck in her intestines -- hindi nakakalabas lahat, so sumasakit ang tyan nya. :(

By the end of August, doc prescribed a suppository and antispasmodic to help her pass stool faster and relieve the stomach pains.  She also tried using our Toilet Helper stool to position properly on the toilet seat and poop with less effort. Will tell you more about The Toilet Helper in separate feature.

Over the past several weeks, the stomach pains were on and off. But so far, she's still regularly going to the toilet and we keep reminding her to drink more water during the day.  Hindi kasi umiinom ng tubig sa school! And most days, her brings home her water tumbler still 3/4 full!

Two weeks ago, the pain has gotten more frequent that all of us are getting so stressed with all the drama that happens every time she feels something.  One time, we stayed up past 1am hanging out in the bathroom!  October 2, we went to the E.R. for a procedure with fleet enema (labatiba).

The procedure was sort of a success coz she did feel better afterwards, but hindi pa rin lumabas lahat. We went back for a follow up visit to the doctor and as of today, she is still taking the prescribed laxative syrup to ease her discomfort and her.

We are going back to the doctor on Monday for another check-up. Hopefully, there will be improvements this weekend as she continues to take her meds, and increase fiber in her diet with fruits and veggies, and increase fluid intake. Please pray with me that she will be relieved of this pain and discomfort soon.

Have you had similar health problems?

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