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My lifestyle has evolved in a major way as I hit 40. It's only now that I took notice and appreciated all these changes in my life as a forty-three-year-old wife, and mother of the boy and the girl. I'm not going to turn serious here ha, but rather finding humor in the simple joys and pleasures that I've been experiencing lately, thanks to a change in perspective and channeling the law of attraction. Good vibes only, okay. It really works!

What's keeping me lately?

Aside from homeschooling the boy, wearing my first prescription reading glasses, and going back to my old bob cut, here's a peek at what this mid-lifer is up to these days to stay sane and happy. =)

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Pilates workout
I started with Reformer Pilates back in 2014 at Onelife Studio, a relatively new studio in our neighborhood. Pilates is the best workout for me and it did wonders to my back pains. Tumatanda nako kaya I need to stay healthy! =)
With conflict in class schedules, I was not able to follow through and took a break for more than a year.
I went back this summer and I plan to continue as long as I can. It's fun, it makes me feel good and keeps me fit and healthy.  This workout is a stress-reliever and is also my favorite "me time".

Click image to watch how I torture myself, heehee!

Aside from working out, I'm now more conscious of my physical appearance. Parang tumanda ata ako ng paurong, hahahaha! Weird talaga coz mas may effort pa ako to dress up and put on makeup now than when I was single! Kung saan ako masaya, diba? =)  It's really just about taking better care of myself.

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Tidy up. Spark Joy.
I got into the #Konmari bandwagon. After reading both of Mari Kondo's books, they are indeed life-changing. De-cluttering and only keeping things that spark joy creates a more peaceful and happy home. Same goes for my lifestyle and attitude -- out with the negative energy (and people) and allow only positive thoughts. It's not easy.
We're not done with tidying up, and I'm trying my best to maintain a positive outlook in whatever situation I get into. That also goes for my parenting style.

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My #SaturdayNightIn with J
Sometimes, it's on a Friday night. I can't remember when we started having drinks at home, but for the past few months, having drinks while marathon-watching a TV series is something I look forward to every weekend.
Minsan wine, minsan beer, vodka mix din meron. Nothing fancy. Whatever chips or pulutan we have works just fine.
This is our simple "date night", and the funny thing is, the kids are waiting for us to go down and leave the room so they can also have their "alone time" daw! Kaloka! =) Win-Win for the fambam!

Snapchat 101
Keeping up with the millennials, hahahaha! I forgot when I signed up but I didn't get it at first. It was dormant for a long time before I gave it a second chance this year.
So far, enjoy naman ako with the kids, creating quick video snaps wherever and whenever. Each snap stays on our profile for only 24 hours, then it's gone. I just save some of my favorite videos. Puro kalokohan lang. Kaya if you're on Snapchat too, follow me @ mymomfriday.
(Update:  I have abandoned Snapchat completely and is sticking with FB and IG + IG Stories.)

Girls' Night Out
I need this. I want this. Every month, my barkada tries to meet up for dinner simply to catch up on each other or celebrate a birthday. Aside from occasional blogger events, I really don't have a social life anymore --so eto ang titas night out, heehee!
Time to be away from home and just be with friends. This is our night to be silly, to be ourselves, reminisce and enjoy each other's company. From chismis to investments to yaya problems, these titas never run out of things of talk about and are simply having a blast.

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Law of Attraction
I believe we attract what we think and feel. Feeling healthy, happy, and abundant starts by being grateful for what we have and sharing what we can. Iba talaga when you start with a grateful heart and positive outlook in life. Despite the daily challenges we face, we try to appreciate what we have and not think of what's lacking.
I also try not to entertain negative thoughts and vibes. Mahirap, but there are already wonderful manifestations in our lives that encourage us even more to continue with this mindset. We teach this to our kids as well. Always pray and be thankful, stay positive and do what makes you happy.


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