Drink Milk and Run...for Fun and Fitness

It's every parent's desire for their children to be fit and healthy, in mind and body. And while we take care of our family's wellness, we also need to be conscious of our own health. We try to find opportunities to have an active lifestyle, and prepare nutritious meals at the same time. One of the more exciting family activities to participate in is the annual Alaska Milk Day, which recently hosted a simultaneous four-city fun run across the country last June 11.

The Alaska Milk Run is an annual family fun run celebrating World Milk Day. The event aims to promote the importance of drinking milk and having an active and healthy lifestyle. In line with the health advocacy, milk bags were donated to Children's Hour as the beneficiary of Alaska's celebration.

Now on it's 4th year, the Alaska Milk Run had over 5,000 participants in the Manila leg, and over 12,000 nationwide in 4 locations -- from Davao, Cebu, Metro Manila, and the newest venue, Naga City.

Allow me to share the highlights of the successful event which took place at McKinley West, BGC and started as early as 5 am.

There were four categories during the run, participated by individuals and families -- 5km, 3km, and 1km run for kids 6 - 8 years old. These inspiring photos show both children and adults running for fun and fitness. 

"Nutrition. Action. Champion." Alaska recognizes the need for everyone to have a proper diet and an active lifestyle. Aside from the benefits of drinking milk every day, we also have to keep fit with physical activities, and that's what the health program is all about.

Did you know...? *
  • Obesity is one of the most prevalent nutritional problems in both children and adults - leading to heart problems and diabetes
  • 2 out of 10 children, from 0-5 years old, were underweight
  • 5 out of 100 children, from 0-5 years old were overweight
  • 3 in every 10 adults are overweight and obese
Alaska Milk Day aims to help reverse this prevailing nutritional problem among Filipinos and to promote an active lifestyle through sports.

During the fun run, Alaska Milk Bars and Breakfast Stations were set up where participants enjoyed a light breakfast of pandesal with Alaska condensed milk, Alaska Powdered Milk drink, and champorado with Alaska evap. Sarap!

To add more excitement to the event, Alaska held a nationwide Zumba session too, with amazing turnout, especially in Davao alone with 900 participants!

At six o'clock, there was a ceremonial nationwide Milk Toast as a pledge to advocate a healthy and active lifestyle.

Start them young. Children should have fun with sports or just play outdoors. It's a challenge for me, as a parent, to encourage the kids to find a sport they like, and having to compete with the gadgets promoting a sedentary lifestyle. Lately, I'm glad they are enjoying parkour, badminton, and swimming. Meanwhile, I also have to carve out some time for myself to workout. I am proud to say I am on my way to better health since I went back to Pilates and became more conscious of what I am eating and the food I serve to my family.

At the Alaska Milk Day, there were plenty of activities for children to have a fun workout in the open field and outdoor playground.

From an early morning run, to a nutritious breakfast and fun outdoor time with family and friends, everyone left as champions during the spectacular Alaska Milk Day.

Let's all be real life health advocates with Alaska’s “Nutrition. Action. Champion.” program.
Cheers to better health and nutrition!
For more information, visit www.alaskaworldmilkday.com and www.playph.com.
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All photos provided by Alaska Milk.
* Facts source: DOH, National Nutrition Council, Food and Nutrition Research Institute.

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