Mom-Finds from Baguio City

Mom-Finds on a Monday? I know, I know... there's a first time for everything, right? We went to Baguio last weekend and I had so many drafts lined up that I was not able to prepare for my usual last-Friday-of-the-month post. Belated feature na lang ito but I promise you fresh finds from the city of pines. Uy, it rhymes, heehee! I attempted to do mobile blogging but my Blogger app on iPad and iPhone failed! So I'll keep this short and share what I've spotted and brought home during our recent long weekend trip to the summer capital. 

Our agenda was pretty simple for our 3D-2N trip to Baguio:  Relax and enjoy the cool weather, visit BenCab Museum and Mt. Cloud, dine at Ketchup Community and Hillstation, bring the kids to Mines View, Burnham and Wright parks, and shop for local finds and pasalubong from the market and Good Shepherd.

I will tell you more about our Baguio adventure on my next Fun Friday post. For today, I'll just share a few good finds and destinations during this trip.

We were able to accomplish most of what we planned to do in Baguio and the first stop was at Mt. Cloud Bookshop after lunch last Thursday.

Mt. Cloud Bookshop:  a quaint and charming book store and gift shop filled with mostly local books for children and adults, from popular titles to rare finds. I also found out that Mt. Cloud features works of independent authors and small publishing houses. There was also a selection of books written by Baguio natives, as well as rich reference materials about Northern Luzon.  The kids were fighting over who climbs and sits on the ladder first! Too bad, the kids didn't buy anything.

Mt. Cloud is located in the same building as Casa Vallejo Inn and Hillstation restaurant on Upper Session Road.

Later that same afternoon, we drove to the famed BenCab Museum. The girl met up with her classmate there who was also traveling with her family. Will feature our favorite artworks in another blog post. 

Here are some unique handcrafted items for sale which we found at the museum's gift shop: decorative wooden sculptures that are intricately carved, solid kamagong shaped like eggs -- for massage daw...

...beautiful handwoven bags and tapis with embroidery. The local woven fabric is really gorgeous.

Day 2, we went to Tree Top Adventure and off to the market we went after lunch. 

Aside from the usual walis, silver jewelry, peanut brittle, and inabel blankets, we spotted some unique woodworks like these happy smiling people we thought were stools -- decor and tissue holder daw yan, hehehehe!

I also promised the girl that if we ever have the chance to find a local costume, we'll get one for her. Well, Baguio has lots of it! 

Sayang nga I was not able to take photos of the different native attire at the market. We found this set (above) of vest and skirt with gartered waist for her, at Php400. The store owner said this is an Ifugao weave. There were more sets with different weaves and patterns, and can go for up to Php700+ for kid sizes.

The girl got her costume and dapat si boy meron din bilhin. He was eyeing the giant wooden spoon but his dad and I gave him this look...he knows it's a 'no'. So, he got this bamboo back scratcher with massager instead. Approved. Php40 only. =)

Our favorite market find is this handcrafted kamagong domino set.  It comes in a wooden box with sliding cover.

We've been looking for dominos in toy stores here in the city but couldn't find one.  My super old plastic domino set has chipped tiles na kasi. So, J was thrilled to find this in the middle of the display of wares. From Php480, we got it for Php400. Not cheap compared to other "simple" toys, but this is made with solid wood so it's worth every peso. =)

Bitin ang trip and shopping, but we were all happy tourists in those three days in Baguio. Haaay...I miss Baguio's weather already!


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