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I can't say I love to cook, tamad kasi ako, but I'm quite comfortable working in the kitchen -- baking or cooking something simple for myself and the family. I avoid complicated dishes too, as you may have noticed in my food and recipe posts. Hence, I use a lot of quick-cooking cuts of meat, seafood, veggies, and my trusty brands of sauces to make my life easier as a home cook. Enter Lee Kum Kee.

My grandparents and aunts on both sides are all good cooks, and so is my mother, who is my main influence when it comes to my culinary exploits, if you can call it that. For some Asian dishes that my mom cooks for us, she uses her preferred brand of oyster sauce, Lee Kum Kee. Ergo, my brand of choice as well since I grew up with that. Naturally, when Lee Kum Kee offered to be a sponsor and have me participate in a Lee Kum Kee #BetterMe Recipe Swap, I did not hesitate to accept.

I go for easy-to-cook dishes and I can only do them with my secret weapons. What's in my ref and pantry?

Check out my Lee Kum Kee basics, including different bottled condiments, instant marinades and sauces that I buy on rotation. But I always have sesame oil and oyster sauce. Always. #iloveLKK

Most home cooks exchange ideas, cooking tips and recipes, to improve our skills and make better food choices -- to be a better me. It's a challenge to think of new ways in preparing meals for the family, to be more creative and resourceful with the ingredients. That's why this Lee Kum Kee #BetterMe Recipe Swap was a very relevant activity for me.

During the event last May 20, cooking mama and TV personality Suzi Abrera was very engaging as our lively host and contributed a Thai-inspired recipe. Our demo was held at Marmalade Kitchen in BGC where owner-chef Aileen Anastacio prepared a hearty lunch buffet including fresh salad that mixed Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce in the dressing. Consultant Karen Mejia was our cooking demo facilitator, who prepared all our ingredients and generously shared her food and cooking tips as well.

Ms. Shiao Chew Chan, LKK Regional Category Manager for Soy - SEA, was present to welcome us and share the story of Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce. Lee Kum Kee, a heritage brand founded in 1888 by Lee Kum Sheung, is one of the most famous Chinese food brands in the world.

There are actually two variants of LKK oyster sauce. The Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce has higher concentration of oyster extracts that lend a more intense flavor, which makes it more pricey. It takes 100 days to ferment the sauce. Then, there's the more popular Lee Kum Kee Panda Oyster Sauce, which is the leading brand in the market worldwide. It's a kitchen staple in Chinese cooking. Both variants have the same high quality ingredients made from real oyster extracts.

I use Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce in many sautéd dishes and stews, from meats to vegetables, seafood and mushroom. It can be drizzled over plain steamed veggies and shellfish, and also as seasoning for stir-fried noodles and even adobo (yes, pwede sa adobo). I've previously compiled easy recipes using LKK oyster sauce here.  One of the recipes is sautéd tofu, which is what I contributed at the recipe swap. Believe me, lahat ng recipes dito super easy lang!

Let's get started.

Suzi and her THAI OMELETTE.
She simply cooked all the ingredients for the filling, set it aside, then made the egg omelette separately. The distinct Thai taste comes from the combination of fish sauce (patis) and oyster sauce.
  • Sauté onions first before garlic since garlic burns easily.
  • Center the filling so it's easier to fold in the sides of the omelette.

Mish and I were introduced together, and while Mish started with marinating her salmon, I proceeded to cook my ginisang tokwa.

Mom-Friday's TOFU SAUTÉ.
This is a very versatile meatless dish.  Sometimes, I also add minced pork or shrimps.
I forgot to include in the recipe half a teaspoon of sugar, to balance the flavor and to cut through the saltiness.
  • Choose the firm tofu (tokwa) and cut into thick rectangles.
  • Option to deep-fry the tofu before you sauté, to have that crunchy texture. I actually prefer it this way but frying it will take more time.
  • Mix in some chopped wansoy for a tastier dish, not just as garnish.
  • Use sesame oil sparingly

Momma 'n Manila Mish and her juicy GRILLED SALMON.
It's important to marinate the fish first so it absorbs the flavors. This salmon dish can also be served on special occasions.
  • There is no alternative to salmon, but you can use your choice of fish like halibut or sole fillet, even tanigue (makerel) will go well with this oriental-flavored marinade.
  • Try not to overcook the fish

Reluctant cook MoMaMa Eliza and her SAUTEED ASPARAGUS.
Eli hates to cook daw so this is an express dish anyone can make, and with just three basic ingredients. I also cook this with shrimps or mushrooms.
  • Choose the freshest asparagus you can get.
  • If asparagus is not yet trimmed, simply bend and discard lower end where the stalk naturally breaks.
  • Option to blanch the asparagus before you sauté, especially if the stalks are big and thick.

I'm excited to try the other recipes I learned here with Lee Kum Kee Panda Oyster Sauce. These are all very easy, healthy, and delicious. This was a memorable cooking experience for me, kasi the audience is made up of my friends and some guests from the media! Medyo na-stage fright pa nga ako in the beginning! But thank you Lee Kum Kee, for allowing me to share my recipe.

You can click on all the LKK Recipe Cards above, save and ready to print, so you can try all of them and add to your recipe collection. Feel free to share too! Would love to hear your feedback once you try them. =)

Get more recipes and cooking ideas from Lee Kum Kee Philippines Facebook page.

Note: All photos (except my LKK product shot and trio collage) are by Aldwin Ku for Lee Kum Kee Philippines.
#BetterMe Cook Book/recipe card by YourBrandStory.

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