Family Friday: Summer, Study, and 20 Questions

Summer break began just a little over two weeks ago in this household. The girl's school ended the school year late, while the boy has just started fourth quarter of homeschooling. You can say we're not on vacation mode yet. Far from it, if you ask me. But I eased up our study schedule starting this month so we can accommodate some fun for the kids, especially when friends invite them to parties or play dates.

I've enrolled both of them in a weekly art class and they're quite excited to be classmates for the first time. That class will also be credited and graded for the boy's art subject. Educational field trips during the break will likewise be integrated in his other subjects, if applicable. I need to plan this now.

I still don't have much to share about how our summer is going. Holy Week was just spent at home and Easter Sunday egg hunt at Century mall. The past two weeks of being home and meeting up with cousins and friends have been fun so far, and hopefully, we can breeze through Q4 studies and still have time to relax and enjoy what's left of the season. Until then, I can't really plan ahead for trips. An out-of-town getaway is possible.

While we're not officially on a break yet, we do get to chill on weekends and have some down time at home.  There's a mix of TV and movie watching, creative play, outdoors and gadget time.

I do feel guilty when I leave them to play with the iPad longer than the allotted time. Kasi, I also want more "quite" and alone time. Admittedly, the gadgets keep them pre-occupied and "behaved" temporarily while I take care of things. Then, I'll promise to bring them to the playground as long as they take a long break away from their gadgets. They can't refuse having outdoor time, kahit mag swing lang sila for 1 hour, happy na sila!. =)

Swimming is another pleasurable activity that they can't refuse. We are lucky to have relatives and friends who are club members and invite us as guests. The kids get to swim and use the facilities, providing hours of enjoyment.  We welcome those wonderful breaks from the routine, away from home.  It's a break for me too! =)

Then, there are times when we're left with nothing to do at home (which is quite seldom), but allow us to be more creative. They actually spent almost 2 hours just playing with clay and toothpicks the other night! Na-miss ata nila mag-clay.

I also introduced them to 20 Questions, but they didn't want to play.  So, I just revised the game and let them ask random questions about each other. I was not able to take down notes during the "game", like favorite colors, food, places to go, and just remembered the last question I asked them.

Me:  If you can meet anyone in the world, who do you want to meet?

Girl:  I'm still thinking… how about you?

Me:  Maybe the president of the philippines?

Girl:  Oh yeah! I wanna meet him too!

Boy:  Noy-noy A-qui-no!

Me:  Correct! What will you ask him when you meet him?

Girl:  What's the role of the president?

Me:  That's a good question.

Girl: I also want to ask the one who painted the Starry, Starry Night -- how did he create it and what inspired him?

Me: Ah, Vincent van Gogh! That would be interesting!

Boy: I want to meet the richest man of the Philippines -- Henry Sy. How did he become so rich?

Me: Good question too -- ask what his secret is, and maybe you can learn from him.

Girl: Yeah, and why did he think of making SM?!?

Me: He started with a shoe business -- SM means Shoe Mart.

Girl: Shoe mart? What kind of a name is that?!?

Boy: Ang-kong worked for him before. He told me.

I forgot how we ended this game but it was quite revealing, a fun learning experience for all of us. I got to see how they think, how they argue and exchange ideas. We should do this again!

So, how's your summer going?

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