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As a homemaker, I am in charge of running the household, managing the helpers, planning our meals, and running errands including scheduling grocery and laundry days. And that's not all of it. With the load of responsibilities, I want to have efficient helping hands at home and reliable outsourced services for cleaning and maintenance of household needs to make our lives more comfortable and give me peace of mind.

While I employ two house helpers who both clean and wash our clothes (for four adults and two kids), I still send out some stuff for laundry and dry-cleaning, such as heavy comforters and jeans. First, we don't have a washing machine and dryer. Everything is washed by hand, and we like it that way. Our sampayan area lacks space, and there's no direct sunlight to quickly dry our clothes. That said, we send heavy/bluky items to a nearby laundry shop about three times a month. Then, I was introduced to Suds and was offered to try their services. I'm glad I accepted! =)

"Suds Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services is a full service, retail professional garment care and cleaning service company which caters to individuals and institutions, established in 2003. Since then, we have built a reputation of providing excellent laundry and dry cleaning service." - www.suds.com.ph

I went to visit the Suds branch in 500 Shaw some weeks ago to see how they operate first hand. The space is small with just a receiving counter. They don't have pick-up or delivery service at that branch either. Good thing it's near our place so it's very convenient to bring our laundry. The shop is neat and organized, with a computerized system, several machines and able staff.

Upon arrival, I first filled out a customer record form as a first-time client. After counting and weighing my items, the service staff inputs my info in the computer system, the items and quantity I brought it, and the services I availed.  Pick-up was scheduled two days after. I've brought comforters, sheets, and jeans in two separate visits.

I availed of the basic Comfy Service -- more than a regular wash-dry-fold service, Suds uses gentle yet effective cleaning agents with antibacterial enhancement for thorough cleaning. Plus points for that! Rates are very competitive.

For our comforters, I tried the Pack Smart Vacuum Packing service. It's obviously space-saving, keeping our items sanitary and smelling fresh until we use them again.  Look at how flat the pack is, which usually is as thick as that pile of jeans.

What I like about Suds:
  • Computerized system -- keeps customer records, preferences, tracks items brought for service which gives peace of mind against lost items I experienced in other laundry shops
  • Guarantees clean laundry that also smells fresh
  • Uses three types of liquid detergent -- for delicate, premium and regular wear clothes
  • Can clean a wide range of items, from clothes to beddings, to stuffed toys and rubber shoes
  • Can clean and vacuum-pack bulky items like comforters, pillows, stuffed toys, bulky clothing like cold-weather jackets, gowns, and more -- it's air-tight and waterproof
  • Satisfaction guaranteed -- Suds reprocesses items free of charge if you are not satisfied
  • Rewards with discounts for regular clients
  • Outlets are air-conditioned for customer convenience
Worth mentioning is that Suds avoids using solvents to clean piña and natural fibers (like with barongs) as they make the organic fabric brittle. Suds use soap and water. Yup, you read that right -- soap and water. I did this too with J's barong once, when it got stained. And it's still in good form. These items will shrink after cleaning, and according to the owners, an expert will know how to iron them back into its original shape. On that note, Suds will get the complete measurement of such items, like a piña gown, from length to width of bust and shoulders, before processing it.

It's safe to say that I'm very satisfied with the quality and wide range of services from Suds. Next in line will be some stuffed toys and blankets. I will also bring my wedding gown, J's suits, and other hardly used items for dry-cleaning then vacuum packing too! Doing so would definitely save us a lot of space, and will keep our special items fresh and dust-free.

Here are SUDS' different Care Levels to suit your personal needs and preferences.  
Find a SUDS branch near you: http://suds.com.ph/contact-us/


Suds now has 24 branches in Metro Manila, Cavite, Lipa and Cebu.

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Note: Suds storefront photo and jacket photo courtesy of Suds.

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