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The boy has recently been introduced to circuitry as part of his science subject. While I struggle to find "fun" learning tools and materials for him to work on, I got lucky when I stumbled upon this toy last year when I was shopping for holiday gifts online.

You see, half the time I don't enjoy buying toys for my kids coz I know most of the stuff will just be a waste of money and will soon gather dust somewhere. Okay, I'm not a fun mom, I know, I know. Except maybe for Lego and other old reliable toy brands I grew up with, I'm not a good judge of what will click with kids these days.

Discovering Snap Circuits proved to be one of the best toys I've ever purchased. Of course I asked the boy first and showed him the photo online if he wanted one. I bought 3 kits -- one for the boy, two as gifts. You can see the product links to Amazon at the end of this post. But before you scroll down, see what's inside first.

We got the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100.  Let the unboxing begin.

I'm sorry I can't explain each and every part coz I have not studied it thoroughly. I just let my boy discover and learn about the parts on his own (parang test na rin niya yan, heehee), so I just took pictures up close and hopefully you can see and read yourselves. =)

Snap Circuits® makes learning about electronics fun and simple! No tools required. 

What's inside this Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 kit:

  • Block Layout with all the parts, and it's quantity, illustrated
  • More than 30 different parts with labels, including:
    • Motor Fan
    • Lamp
    • Jump Wires
    • Alarm Integrated Circuit
    • Music Integrated Circuit
    • Multi-Snap Wires
    • Switches

  • All parts are mounted on plastic modules and easily snaps together
  • Includes a colored Experiments 1-101 manual
  • Uses AA batteries (battery not included)
  • Suited for ages 8 and older

All you need is to follow the manual and you can create the different projects in no time!  Of course, you have to understand how the parts work and what NOT to do while building. 

This boy gets a quick grasp of what he has to work with, and soon enough, after following the manual on two easy projects, he was already able to slightly modify the design for this project - the Lamp and Fan.

Spot the difference between the manual's layout and this boy's design. It worked, and that's what's important.

His lessons will involve more projects from Snap Circuits, that's for sure, and he will be graded for them as experiments. All he has to do create and explain to me how they work, para may grade siya! =) Science is his favorite subject.

Watch this 12-second sample demo of the boy's simple lamp and fan project.

See more at: www.snapcircuits.net
You can purchase Snap Circuits on Amazon.com.

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