Fun Friday: Oreo Playdate at Fun Farm in Sta. Elena

Third Friday of the month:  Travel / Recreation

It was a school holiday last Feburary 25 so it's a perfect day to set out for Laguna and bring the "Oreo families" to the farm.  The Sta. Elena Fun Farm in Cabuyao is a favorite back-to-nature recreational destination, making it the ideal venue for our playdate and bring the whole gang for a day of outdoor adventure with Oreo.

This was our third time to Sta. Elena Fun Farm and you can read my detailed feature here with more photos of the farm.  For today's post, I'll be sharing snippets of our outdoor playtime with Oreo.

We got so excited to spend our family day here and you'll see how we all got to #PlayWithOreo -- like when riding the karitela or on the swing! =)

The kids can't get enough of the many outdoor activities they can do here, as well as have a picnic, and get up close and personal with the friendly farm animals.  Ang saya-saya!

That's the little princess of Rina's Rainbow who was smitten with the cute guinea pigs, while my girl won't let go of this adorable furry bunny. Below, the kids spent most of their time playing in the "sand house" -- look who got buried! The boys of Candishhh Tales and Momma 'n Manila had the most fun! Click their links to read about their own #PlayWithOreo stories at Fun Farm! =)

The gang can't pass up fishing too, and there's boating all you want on the pond as well. 

We are all troopers, and the moms came prepared for our trip including a list of things to bring. What's nice about Fun Farm is you are encouraged to have a picnic there and bring your own food and drinks. You'll see the kids were eating and playing with Oreo everywhere! My kids love their new Oreo Double Stuf and Oreo Strawberry Creme...mmm!

Special mention to our official photographer, my friend Lawrence del Mundo, who took these beautiful snapshots for our #PlayWithOreo field trip.

Roll it, stack it, flip it, munch it!
Watch and see how you can Play With Oreo!

Our family trip won't be complete without fun games with Oreo. Let the Oreo Stacking contest begin!

Each team, composed of moms and kids, should take turns stacking one Oreo at a time with chopsticks.  Despite being serious about this game, the opposing team won! Darn! =)

This time, it's Guess the Oreo Flavor.  Each kid should guess the Oreo flavors placed on their plates. The fastest to get all flavors correct will win.  Sorry boys, OCMomInManila's girl ruled this round! =)

These two didn't seem a bit interested to watch the games and opted to snack on their Oreos with daddy instead, heehee!

After a few more rounds of running around the farm and horseback riding, it was time for a healthy picnic-style lunch courtesy of Holy Carabao, who organically grows produce at the farm in Sta. Elena. Everything was wiped out - from fresh salads, to pasta, to crunchy chicken balls and natural fruit juices and iced tea.

Happy, healthy tummies, energized for the rest of the afternoon.

A meal won't be complete with sweet endings! You should try the newest Oreo Strawberry Creme flavor, my girl loves it!

The kids all went back to their favorite activities around the farm despite the sweltering heat. Bentang-benta ang zip line sobra!

Hooray for our exhilarating field trip to Fun Farm, thanks to Oreo! We were all tired but very happy! Near or far, it's always fun to bring along and play with Oreo with our families.

All unmarked photos, courtesy of Lawrence del Mundo. View his amazing photographs here: http://stories.delmundo.ph.

Oreo pa rin on our way back home. Ubos ang baon! =)

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