Foodie Friday: Great Kahuna at Teddy's Bigger Burgers

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I am a carnivore. My husband and kids too! We all love a good, meaty, juicy burger matched with our favorite refreshments and crunchy potato fries on the side. Naturally, when a friend invites us to dine at one of the newest burger joints in town, we say 'yay'! Aloha to Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, Hawaii’s number one burger since 2001!

Did I say meaty and juicy? Look at that perfect "medium well" quarter-pound beefy goodness! Welcome to Teddy's!

From what I learned about Teddy's, this Hawaiian franchise started as a backyard business of Ted Tsakiris and Rich Stula, who both love a good home-cooked burger. They wanted to create the best quality burger in a quick service restaurant and ‘reinvent the burger joint’. In 1998, they opened their first Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, and has now landed on our local shores with two branches.

A few Saturdays ago, we trooped to Teddy's in Shangri-la Plaza Mall and were greeted with a sunny Hawaiian-theme welcome from the staff. The cozy dining area is like a 1950s diner but with a beach vibe complete with cool surfboards mounted on one wall by the entrance.

As soon as my family was seated with my blogger friends, I went up to the counter and was overwhelmed by the mouth-watering choices of burgers on offer. Ang tagal ko talagang naka-decide what to try!

What's up with Teddy's Bigger Burgers?

"Teddy’s uses only 100% USDA Ground Chuck Patty (no fillers or binders), hand-pattied daily and always charbroiled to order. Because all menu items are fresh and prepared to order, it takes a little longer to serve. Teddy's goal is to make it worth the wait."

I zoomed in on the specialty creations under the Great Kahuna Burgers line. Read the menu board and you'll find that everything looks delicious!

Teddy's burger features:
  • 1/4 lb. beef patty from 100% USDA ground chuck -- flame-broiled burgers
  • A creative combination of chunky toppings and cheeses
  • Signature sauces
  • Burgers on a potato bun
  • Choice of burger sizes and doneness -- up to 9 oz. burgers, cooked from rare to well done

I always go for medium well, which is Teddy's standard. Simply specify your preferences upon ordering.  We really appreciated these extra options to enjoy our burgers better.

A view from our table. We had soda, house-blended lemonade and iced tea to down our hearty burgers and fries.

Bae-con Me Crazy Burger is love, I highly recommend this!
This was my quarter-pounder burger with flavor overload. It's got everything I want -- bacon, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, drizzled with special sauce and truffle honey. All complementing the flame-broiled, well-seasoned juicy beef patty on a soft potato bun. Sorry the burger is hiding in this photo. Believe me, it's big and tasty, not greasy at all. I'm salivating as I type this!

"Super Sauce is Teddy’s own sweet and tangy creation, not the usual thousand island dressing. Teddy’s Teriyaki Sauce is a traditional recipe made from scratch.
Our produce and potato buns are delivered fresh daily."

Diablo is the name.  See those jalapeƱos? J had this one and I got a little taste of it.  The mild heat from the peppers are compounded by a medley of sauces -- fire sauce, buffalo sauce and special sauce top this spicy burger.  It's not too hot for me, tamang-tama lang ang spiciness, so I'll definitely have this in future visits.

The Gaucho has a big crunchy beer-battered onion ring, on bacon and cheddar cheese, topped with Teddy's barbecue sauce. J and I split this one coz the kids wanted plain burger instead. It's good 'coz I enjoy eating bacon and onion rings, but realized I'm not fond of bbq sauce on burgers.

It was a Hau'Oli split between these two who wanted no frills on their burger, except it has to have cheese.  Lettuce was omitted, as requested. The boy munched on the fries, while the girl got a side order of yummy Corn Dog.  Simot lahat!

We went home so full and happy! After this very satisfying dining experience at Teddy's Bigger Burgers, we have now added this in our list of favorite family restaurants. Teddy's food choices already made a good impression on the kids, thus making it an easy choice for us the next time we crave for gourmet-quality burgers!

I'm already thinking about our next visit and eyeing the Bleu Cheese Bacon, the Elvis, or the crave-worthy Kukaelio burger with cheese-garlic-bacon-stuffed portobello mushroom! OMG!

Visit Teddy’s Bigger Burgers with the whole gang.
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Teddy's Bigger Burgers branches:
Level 3, Greenbelt 3 
Level 6, The Ledge, Shangri-La Plaza

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