Easy Cheezy Party Appetizers

Party season once again, and many homes will surely be open to welcome family and friends to celebrate the holidays. Usually, I find myself stressing out on what to serve our guests whenever we host get-togethers at home. I want to keep things simple and hassle free, especially for me. I'm really just a lazy cook. More often, we just order so it's fast and convenient. On top of delivered meals, I add one or two finger foods to complete the buffet.

I've been making my ham and cheese or salmon and caviar hors d'oeuvres when I'm expecting over a dozen guests.  These are easy to prepare, and can be eaten as appetizers or paired with wine.

For this post, I made an even simpler variation using our favorite cheese spread, Cheez Whiz!

I always try to ask my boy and girl to help me in the kitchen, especially when I need to assemble a lot of servings. This cheesy hors d'oeuvres is so simple that you can leave the kids to do everything.


1 bottle (220g) Cheez Whiz Pimiento
1/2 cup diced ham (any brand of cooked ham - cold cuts / sliced, used for sandwich)
36 plain crackers or melba toast
parsley, finely chopped (optional)

To prepare:
Dice the sliced ham, as small or as chunky as you want
Pour and scoop out the Cheez Whiz in a bowl
Mix everything
Spread on each cracker
(My kids didn’t want to mix with parsley, so it’s not in the photos.)

It's that simple.
Serve on a nice platter or tray. Devour!

Remember, you don't have to spread everything in one go.  Use a small dish or ramekin for a portion of the ham and cheese spread and lay out assorted crackers to allow guests to dip or spread on their own.  It's gonna be a hit among guests, for sure. This ham and Cheez Whiz spread is also perfect as a dip for chips, chopped fresh veggies like carrots, turnips, and celery sticks. Cheese anything!

For storage, you can put it in air-tight containers to serve anytime, or pack in nice bottles/jars with crackers then give out to friends.

Scrumptious, versatile, spreadable, festive. I can chow down 10 crackers in one sitting. =) Spread some cheezy love this holiday season with this easy peasy Cheezy Party Appetizers. 
Try it for your noche buena tomorrow! Merry Christmas!

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