DIY Cheezy Milky Delight Holiday Bento

A few more weeks to go and it's Christmas! Have you started planning for your holiday parties and gift list? Amidst all the shopping rush for gifts, food is always the center of every celebration and it's exciting to incorporate a theme, even for a bento! Let me present two cute and cheesy holiday-themed bento that you can prepare and serve during get-togethers or even packed lunch for school or parties. It's now beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I had a blast at the Cheez Whiz Bento Workshop by The Bento Mommas last November 16 at The Urban Food Collective weekend market in CommerCenter, Alabang.

Even though this is my second time to participate and learn bento-making with my fellow blogging mamas, I still picked up a lot of new tricks and creative ideas from this workshop.  It was also my first time to try Cheez Whiz Milky Delight.  It was a revelation! I did not expect it to be sweet and delicious as I am used to having salty cheese spreads. It tastes like my creamy cheesecake! =)  This can go with snacks and desserts, and a very helpful "tool" to create bento meals.

Let's get started with our Christmas-inspired cheezy bento.  Do you wanna build a snowman? =)


What you need:
  • Cheez Whiz Milky Delight - a creamy-sweet version of our favorite versatile spread, Cheez Whiz!
  • Bread slices (plain or wheat -- we use wheat bread for better color and texture)
  • Fruits, crackers and cookies of your choice - we used green apple, assorted candies and  green gummy fruit strip
  • Bento tools
    • carving or paring knife, scissors
    • round cutter, puncher - or use rim of a glass and a straw to cut-out your shapes
    • silicon cups or lined paper cuts
    • food picks, dividers
  • Food container

How to create the snowman bento:
  • With two round cookie cutters, cut-out 2 big and 2 small circles of bread
  • Spread Cheez Whiz Milky Delight on each sandwich - big circles for the body, small circles for the head
  • Sandwich both and assemble - with the small round cutter, cut out a small part from the top edge of the body so the head can be placed on top
  • Cut one side of the green apple and carve to form a top hat
  • Cut another side of the green apple and carve to form a Christmas tree

  • Trim the green gummy fruit strip to make a scarf, and decorate your snowman with assorted candies
  • Use Cheez Whiz Milky Delight as "glue" for all the candy toppings on the snowman and tree
  • Add your cookies, crackers, and fruits to make your Milky Delight Snowman Bento full and compact

How cute is this Milky Delight Snowman! =) 
If you prefer rice for your holiday bento, you can also create a reindeer design for a hearty lunch set. This time, to match the savory flavors, I used original Cheez Whiz for dressing the veggies and act as glue for the toppings.  Remember, you can #cheeseanything!


What you need:
  • Cheez Whiz original
  • Brown rice, corn, broccoli, chicken (or any meat and veggie combo of your choice)
    • Bento Mommas Tip: mix soy sauce or adobo sauce to your white rice to make it brown and yummy =)
  • Fruits of your choice - we used grapes and green apple
  • Pretzels for the antlers
  • For the face:
    • slice of bread, cheese, nori, cherry tomato, 
  • Bento tools
    • carving or paring knife, scissors
    • straw and/or craft puncher for the eyes - layered using cheese and nori
    • paper cup, baran / grass dividers, food picks
  • Sandwich bag
  • Food container

How to create the rice reindeer bento:
  • Head - place a cup of rice inside the plastic and form/mold with your hands; press and shape like a siopao
  • Ears - Cut/break pretzels to look like deer antlers
  • Face - Punch out circles for eyes, cut one side of cherry tomato for nose
  • Flatten a slice of bread for the mouth and cut like a heart
    • Invert the heart and place on lower part of the face
    • Assemble the whole face
  • Use Cheez Whiz as "glue" for all the toppings on face and veggies
  • Add your veggies and fruits
    • Cut one side of apple and carve design to act like a Christmas ball
    • add more fruits to make it full and compact

    Ta-daaa!!! I'm very happy with how my Cheezy holiday bento creations turned out. Cute, festive, and delicious!

    It was a fun learning experience for me and my friends. These cheezy holiday bento will be a great addition to Christmas parties and kiddie meals. Hope I inspired you with my Cheezy Snowman and Reindeer bento!

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