What Happens When Jollitown Comes to Life?

I've only seen and heard of Jollitown at the kiddie parties of Jollibee. It's a fantasy playland with mascots having fun in a bright and colorful world. Well, imagine no more.  Jollitown came to life last October 26 at SMX to celebrate National Children's Month. Let me show you what welcomed us at the event.

My family and I were invited to Jollitown #TheBigFunEvent for a jolly good time, especially created for the children. The event is exclusive to members of Jollibee Kids Club, and as as expected, hundreds of families came to experience Jollitown's world of inflatables and play zones around the huge venue.

We were given our bands and tickets for the entrance. The tickets included stubs for the loot bag and Yumburger. There was already a huge crowd inside when we arrived, and the queue for each booth was long and winding. 

Jollitown was literally BIG and FUN! The Big Fun event was overwhelming and felt like we were transported to a different world. It's like giant indoor playground. There were lots to inflatables to try, but my kids got impatient lining up, so we just went around to see the happenings and checked out the play zones instead.

Teens and parents got creative and many were able to doodle and write on the wall art. 

Little kids had a blast inside this bubble dome.

We enjoyed watching these kids dance along to the Gangnam Style video!

This is what we all wanted to try -- the Ding Dang Dong Clingers.
Yes, I wanted to try it out too, hahahaha! Just jump and cling on the wall with a velcro-covered suit.  That would have been fun hanging there!

The boy and girl did not pass up playing with the giant Jolli fries.

The boy was eyeing this rainbow slide, but then he was already hungry and many were still lined up.

The Big Fun event surely made lots of families jolly. Even if we're not able to get our loot bags and burgers anymore, as part of the ticket stubs, what's important was that the kids had fun on our family day at Jollitown, thanks to Jollibee! If you want to be part of future Jollibee events, register your kids here at Jollibee Kids Club and enjoy exciting freebies and perks!

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