Halloween Trip and Treats Party Planning

It's the Halloween weekend and I'm sure there will be a lot of spooky-fun revelries around the globe. As I've mentioned in my past Halloween posts, we never really prepare for this event since it's not traditionally celebrated in my family. My kids only joined the fun at school parades or when they invited to go trick-or-treating. Anyhow, my boy and I just had our most memorable Halloween party yet, courtesy of Oreo!

I feel so grateful to be a part of this #OreoBetterTogether halloween event with some of my fellow blogging mamas.  From the venue to the décor, to food and games, everything fell into place for our Oreo #SpookyCookie theme.  So, what makes a fun-tabulous Oreo Halloween Trip and Treats Party?


Choose a venue that is family-friendly, spacious, clean and safe, and can accommodate the number of guests, plus the set-up and program you have in mind. The setting can be indoor and/or outdoor. A pool-side party can be fabulously fun too, especially for the kids! 

For our recent halloween party, we were accommodated at Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay. The charming hotel, with their sprawling garden cum playground and indoor function room, provided the perfect backdrop for our event. The kids had the most wonderful time at their petting zoo and playground while waiting for the program to start.


A halloween party is not just for the little ones. Consider activities that adults can participate in and enjoy. Plan a program that will fit the space and size of your venue. Keep the games simple yet challenging -- both for the grown ups and youngsters. Prizes can be a combination of edible treats and novelty items, whatever you budget permits.

At the hotel's outdoor playground, our hosts from Oreo and the event organizers prepared a mix of exciting games for the whole family.

Kids need to find as many hidden Oreo packs around the playground within a given time.
Whoever collects the most packs when time is up will win a prize.
The Boy climbed up and down to find the Oreos.


Doughnuts are each tied and dangled from a pole.  Adjust length of string to the height of the kids.
Each one should eat without using their hands.
First to finish the doughnut without dropping it wins.


This is a different kind of shooting game. Place Oreo on or between the eyes and start winking, tilting, and squinting - whatever facial contortions possible just to make the Oreo move down the face and fall into the mouth.
When Oreo falls off, start over. First to accomplish this task wins.

Two teams of 4 or 5 adults should finish a plate of Oreos.
First player from each team eats one Oreo and swallow. Show empty mouth before the next team player goes to the plate to eat the next Oreo.
One player at a time. First team to finish wins.
Photos from Rina

Take turns to smash the piñata or pull favors from a pabitin.
In this case, the prop we had was a pull-string pińata where a contraption at the bottom will open to shower the guests with treats and sweets.

Add more excitement to the party. Ask guests to come in their most creative costumes and give special awards at the end of the program.

Hello to Mr. and Mrs. Bacon and Eggs (Richie and Rina), and the Star Wars trio (Neva's family)!


The menu for a halloween event can go from simple, wild and fun, to formal gourmet meals, or light and sweet. There are no rules, just make it appropriate for the time and mood of the party. Most importantly, keep your guests in mind when planning what to serve them.

Photo from @mommanmanila

During our afternoon party, an inspired snack and dessert buffet was prepared by our crafty SoMoms -- Cai, Mish, and Tina. Mish whipped up almost all the sweet treats you can see on the buffet, with the help of her daughter. This whole production set-up was a collaboration of these three creative moms, and we are so lucky to have them prepare this spread for everyone. You can see the details of this DIY dessert buffet from Tina's and Mish's blogs.

Cake bites, Oreo push pops, and cupcakes by Mish Aventajado (For orders, send an inquiry on her FB page).

Cake by Mish and daughter Gia; BOO Oreos and Mummy milk bottles crafted by Cai Sio.


Who doesn't want cool prizes and loot bags? Aside from attractive game prizes, a special party favor can be prepared for guests to bring home.  Again, it can be in the form of food or attractive gift items. Oreo cookies are popular favors usually included in loot bags.

Mish prepared halloween treat kits with DIY instructions for kids to make and eat afterwards. Tina made the food tent cards and Spider Legs label.  The organizers provided prizes.

Hope you got some great ideas from this party. You can't go wrong with Oreos! You can do these activities and games for different themed events as well. 

Before I end this post, I just had to share that before we started the games, we had the privilege of having our family portraits taken by Stan Ong. Bongga diba? =)  That shot below happened while we were leaning on the sheeps' pen trying to pose and smile naturally. It took a while for the boy to warm up, but with the help of a sheep who stood in front of us and surprised us by pooping, that got out a big laugh from both of us. "Perfect", said Stan.

Our Oreo Halloween Trip and Treats Party was most memorable and successful because it brought our families together. We got to spend time with our kids while celebrating halloween. Thanks to our favorite spooky cookie Oreo for making all this possible.

I hope your halloween celebration will be as fun as ours. =) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Official #OreoBetterTogether Halloween party photos by STANLEY ONG PHOTOGRAPHY

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