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First Friday of the month: Dessert / Italian Ice / Frozen Custard

I'm taking a break from recipes for today as I want to share the hottest... errr, coolest news in town! Rita’s Italian Ice, the largest Italian Ice concept in the world with over 600 stores in the U.S., is opening it's first store in the Philippines tomorrow, November 8! 

While I enjoy my occasional frozen treats, my husband and daughter are ice cream monsters. That's why I'm very excited to tell you about my newest foodie find.  My blogger friends and I were invited to Rita's Italian Ice product tasting the other day at their first outlet in Greenhills. Long story short, we were all blown away by how good Rita's Ice and Frozen Custards are. I used to handle an imported premium ice cream brand when I was still working, so I pretty much have an idea on how quality ice cream should be.  Rita's delivers it's promise.

Let me tell you about their mouth-watering creations below, and what my favorites are.
Warning: Dessert porn ahead. =)
Dense chocolate Frozen Custard with rainbow sprinkles

"Rita’s adheres to strict product standards.  All of our Ice is made fresh daily at each and every location.  To ensure you receive only the freshest product available, our Freshness Policy requires that our Italian Ice and Cream Ices be discarded if not sold within 36 hours of being made."

Italian ice, also known as water ice, is a sweet, smooth frozen dessert made fresh daily. It is made by the same process as ice cream, freezing the ingredients while mixing them together, which results in a very smooth consistency.
  • It's NOT shaved ice
  • Made with real fruits and fruit purées
  • All Ice is served within 36 hours of mixing
  • Trans-Fat free 
  • Dozens of refreshing flavors (locally, 39 flavors on rotation, more to come)
  • Sugar-Free Italian Ice is sweetened with Splenda® Brand Sweetener

Alex's Lemonade
Blueberry (with fruit bits!)
Cotton Candy

Clockwise, from top:  Chocolate, Mango, Mint Chocolate, Cherry, Banana Split

That's “Ice Cream” backwards -- it's the creamy version of the Italian Ice, smooth and full of indulgent flavors.
Banana Split
Black Cherry Cheesecake
Dulce de Leche
Mint Chocolate Chip

Regular cup of Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Ice

Clockwise, from top:  Black Cherry Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Cotton Candy

Similar to ice cream, but it's made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar. The egg yolk gives it a thick, creamy texture.
  • Rich, smooth, and creamy
  • Very dense (not like soft serve ice cream that has more air when mixed)
  • Comes in decadent flavors
    • Vanilla, Light Vanilla (has 60% less fat), Coffee, Chocolate
    • Also available - Vanilla/Chocolate Twist
  • Served in cup or cone
    • A Sundae comes with two toppings
Frozen Custard samplers:  Chocolate, Light Vanilla, Coffee

I love the classic Vanilla and Coffee flavors the most. Rita's Frozen Custard is delicious as is, or add toppings of your choice.  

Proof of how thick their custard is, Ted turned over this sprinkled chocolate custard in a cone, 3 times, and it didn't fall off!

Best of both worlds, this is a layering of your favorite Italian Ice and creamy Frozen Custard.
It’s Rita's #1 selling treat and I understand why... I love this too! Get creative with your own combo.
Regular GELATI:  Vanilla Frozen Custard over Dulce de Leche Ice

A creamy-crunchy blend of your favorite Italian Ice + Frozen Custard + choice of topping.
Choose from a variety of toppings, like my fave Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups, OREO® Cookie Pieces, M&M’s® Minis, Snickers®, and many more!

Richer and creamier with milk + Frozen Custard, topped with thick whipped cream and fresh cherry.

A refreshing blend of Alex’s Lemonade Italian Ice + any Italian Ice flavor of your choice. Sip and go!

A blended combination of your favorite Italian Ice + Frozen Custard, Misto is like Gelati you can drink.

Frozen Custard sandwiched between two jumbo OREO® cookies. Winner! You can roll them on rainbow sprinkles too!

Rita's Italian Ice - Philippines currently has 39 flavors and over a dozen toppings on offer. It's gonna be hard to enjoy just one cool treat from Rita's, I tell you.  They also plan to come out with a Pinoy-inspired flavor to add to their menu. Will have to watch out for that!

On my next visit, I want to try this Custard Cookie Sandwhich, and maybe a Blendini too. Bonus for us is the store's location is near our neighborhood, woohoo! My kids can't wait to go to Rita's!

Tip:  A Regular cup of any order is quite filling (because it's thick and dense).   
I suggest you come with your family and friends, order different creations and share them.  This way, you get to try and enjoy more flavors.

Get Rita’s. Get Happy!
Thanks for having us, Rita's Italian Ice, and welcome to (warm and sunny) Philippines! You'll be a hit, for sure!
With Ted Castro, Rita's Ice PH's Operations Manager; Jamie Snyder, Franchise Business Consultant for Rita's Ice PH (she's been with Rita's Ice for 20 years!), and my friends Rowena (center) and Trixie (right). Thanks  also to Rita's V-Mall crew!

Rita's Italian Ice - Philippines
V-Mall, Greenhills, San Juan City

Get updates on Rita's products and new flavors here:
Instagram: @ritasiceph  #RitasIcePh

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