10 Tips to Travel Safe and Save Fuel

We don't travel as much as we want to, but we try to have at least one out-of-town trip a year. This year, I was very fortunate to be able to bring my family down south for mini stay-cations and our recent Oreo Halloween Trip and Treats party in Tagaytay. All these road trips happened within the span of just four weeks! That said, it's critical that our vehicle is in tip-top shape with a full tank of gas, and we followed some travel and fuel-efficiency tips I'm sharing here with you.

As a parent, and occasional driver, I need to make smart decisions on road safety, car maintenance, and budgeting -- which includes fuel economy. I'm the one who manages our household budget and our fuel expense for two vehicles eats up a significant amount every month.  Also, we have a family driver that we have to manage and brief on driving guidelines and car maintenance. Here are some valuable tips I learned from Shell that we try to keep in mind when driving or planning a road trip.


1. Drive smoothly, avoid speeding
Keep a steady speed, steer as even as possible. Avoid braking or accelerating too quickly since this burns more fuel. The faster you go, the more wind resistance you encounter, forcing your car to consume more fuel. Fasten seat belts and drive within the speed limit.

2. Plan your trips well
Identify the best route to take when planning a trip. Have a map on hand as needed (or get the Waze App, it's very helpful, especially when finding alternative routes to avoid traffic).
Schedule errands and combine other small trips in the same area to maximize your time on the road. This way, you'll accomplish more in one go and consume less fuel.

3. Avoid carrying excess weight
Did you know that your fuel efficiency can drop for every 100 lbs. (45kg) you carry in your car? Aside from the spare tire and tools, keep your load to a minimum. If you have heavy equipment in the trunk or a roof rack that's not in use, remove it. Bringing some drinks and snacks on the road won't hurt. =)

4. Maintain the right tire pressure for every vehicle you drive
The ideal tire pressure is 30 psi. (or check manufacturer recommendation for your tires). Fuel efficiency can be reduced even if tires are under inflated by just 1 psi. Regularly check tires every time you visit the gas station, or at least once a week. This will help for a smoother drive.

5. Conduct regular vehicle check-ups
Fuel efficiency depends on how your car is maintained. When you have a dirty engine, it increases your fuel consumption. Make sure you use high quality lubricant, change worn out spark plugs, and replace clogged air filters.  Check all these items again before every long drive to be on the safe side.

6. Check the fuel cap
Make sure the fuel cap is screwed on properly, especially after fueling up. This will prevent fuel from evaporating.

7. Avoid excess idling
Sadly, traffic causes idling and results to burning more fuel. Switch off the engine if you have to stay for more than 10 seconds. This will save on gas and lessen air pollution from engine smoke.

Gas-up stop-over at Shell-SLEX. Thanks for this photo, Mish! @mommanmanila

8. Keep windows closed
Most often, windows are always closed since the aircon is on. Keep them closed when there is no need to open as it slows the car down. Remember, wind resistance slows down the car = more fuel consumption.

9. Avoid driving during rush hour
If you can, adjust your departure time. No one wants to be stuck in traffic. Leave several minutes earlier to spend less time in rush hour traffic. That will save you time, gas, and reduces stress while on the road. =)

10. Choose the right fuel
It does make a difference. A good choice is Shell FuelSave, which contains active fuel efficiency ingredients that help make your fuel last longer, coupled with good driving habits. Match the right fuel with your engine to maximize it's power too.

Get more tips on how to improve your fuel economy here: www.shell.com.ph/targetonemillion.

Hope you find these tips useful for your daily travels. Savings and safety -- two very important things for a mom like me! =)

Do you have driving and fuel-saving tips you can share?

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