Escape to El Nido (part 3)

Monday, June 4, was our last day in El Nido and I didn't want to leave. Bitin eh, and it rained pa the first two days. We wanted to stay for four days, but Lagen island resort was fully booked before and after our three-day stay, so too bad for us. But we are still so thankful that everything went well, and the sun finally shone brightly that morning, with the bluest of skies and fluffy white clouds.


We had two days of island-hopping, here and here. For our final day, we planned to simply enjoy the beach nearby and take it slow and easy at the resort before we leave.

After breakfast, first on the agenda is stand-up paddleboarding for me and kayaking for J. Told myself I couldn't leave without trying it. The plan was for the kids to try it too, but the boy changed his mind and decided to relax in the cottage while the girl slept longer than expected. Kaya kami na lang ni J.

Another first for us -- kayaking together. :) 

Here's a first for me -- Stand-up Paddleboard.

It's not as easy as it looks ha! Maneuvering can be tricky.

I later learned to hold the grip and shaft properly, but still failed to move smoothly across the cove. My strokes were too shallow. I should have held the paddle with arms straight, and the bend on the paddle should be pointing at the back to keep moving straight.  Oh well, will try again next time. =)

By mid morning, the girl is ready to hit the beach with me. Last chance to enjoy the island before we check out at 1 p.m.

Lagen Island Resort provides speed boat services to ferry guests to and from the nearby beach cove, aside from free use of all non-motorized water sports gear.  We can actually kayak to the beach coz malapit lang, but we wanted to get there as fast as we could. Besides, enjoy din kami sa boat ride. 

Watch this short video I took on our way to the private beach, exclusive for Lagen resort guests.

How gorgeous is this view! Crystal clear waters in refreshing hues... it was the best. And we got the beach all to ourselves on this beautiful sunny day! Best Monday ever, hehe!

Just you, me, and the sea... M had a the time of her life. She went snorkelling even on the shallow water, hahaha! Feel na feel talaga niya.

Because we need to check out early, we had to cut short our time at the beach and transfer to the main resort for more snorkelling time. The boatman said there were more underwater creatures by the resort's cove so here's our final drop-off point. Too bad, I wasn't able to take nice shots of the fishes and corals. Miniloc Island was a better snorkelling site.

Good thing I already packed the night before so we only need to pack the wet suits and a few small items. The boys were already waiting for us, so after a quick shower, we all rushed to the clubhouse for lunch. 

We checked out just in time and our boat left at 1:15 p.m. If only we could spend another day here... 
Maybe next time, we can stay in Pangulasian Island naman (see that pyramid-looking island across Lagen -- also part of El Nido Resorts group).

We were all quiet during the boat ride, just taking it all in. Do you see a crocodile island? =)

While we waited for our flight, we were ushered in to the VIP lounge for El Nido Resorts guests. There were also refreshments and snacks for everyone at Lio airport. Sweet!

It's hard to say goodbye to this island paradise. What a way to close the summer season. We'll be back, El Nido! Stay clean and beautiful!

Here's what happened on DAY 1 and DAY 2 in El Nido:

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