Foodie Friday: Dreaming of Duck & Buvette's Duck Confit

First Friday of the month:  Food Finds / Dining

I can't believe I haven't written about any of my gastronomic adventures for over a year! If you've been a regular here on the blog, you know I share simple recipes almost every month. But I'm a foodie at heart and so you'll often see most of what I'm eating over at my Instagram and other social network sites instead. I realized I'm just not so fond of featuring dining establishments. You'll get plenty of that from many food bloggers around. From time to time, there are a few stand-out meals that I just can't get out of my mind, even weeks after I've digested them! This particular Duck Confit is one of those very memorable dishes that I'd gladly make space for in this blog.

Let me go straight to the point -- my friends and I recently dined at Duck & Buvette mainly to try their special Duck Confit, and it's simply stellar!

"Duck & BuvetteInspired, yet simple food using seasonal produce and hand-picked ingredients, with influences from the cooking of the French countryside."

I've been hearing and reading good things about D&B since it opened a few months ago, including these posts by my friends, The Phenomenal Mama and Mamababylove.  After seeing all the yummy food they ordered, I was bent on trying then out and taste for myself what they were raving about. 

D&B is a French-inspired resto and it's main attraction is this mouth-watering duck confit. I LOVE IT! I eat duck. I like HongKong-style (dry salted) cured duck, roast duck, Peking duck served different ways, duck rice, duck misua soup, salted (duck) egg, and even balut (it's duck embryo, so it counts, heehee). Sometimes, it has a bit of funky taste, but it's really hit and miss with duck, depending on how it was prepared. With duck confit, however, I've only had it twice in the past. This one from D&B is my third, and so far, it's the best I've had!

I believe it took several hours to cook this to perfection -- with it's golden crispy skin, and moist, tender fall-off-the bone meat. The duck was well seasoned and flavorful inside and out. My friends and I, even those who don't like duck, enjoyed it. This half duck, reasonable priced at PhP 980, is served with a fragrant bowl of rice and condiments like grain mustard, rock salt, balsamic sauce, and gherkins.  The way I describe this, when asked, is parang Max's fried chicken ang pagka-luto, pero duck ('coz I love Max's too).  (",)

Aside from their specialty dish, we also wiped out this buvette (small plates/starters) -- Crispy Potato Pavé & Salty Duck Egg.  It reminded me of potato gratin, but this was cubed and fried. Fantastic! I will order this again next time I get a chance.

Everything we ordered were delicious, but one main course I'd recommend is their 8 Hour Angus Briskets in mushroom sauce, served with garlic potato mash.  We actually ordered 2 servings of this tender beef dish. We were six during dinner.

Please excuse my grainy shots, my phone cam didn't do justice to how good the food were. There's no doubt, I'll be back to try more of their specials, and desserts.  Best to call in to reserve a table AND reserve a Duck Confit, baka maubusan!

A happy, hearty birthday dinner treat for one of our August celebrants.

One more time for this Duck Confit...craving again as I type! Nom-nom-nom! =)

Duck & Buvette
2/F Main Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City
(formerly Café Provencal)
Tel: (632) 6310675

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