Easy Cheezy Halloween Sandwich Bento

We are all cheese lovers here, and so I try to incorporate different types of cheese in our meals, from breakfast to snacks. The kids especially love cheesy sandwiches, so it's a no-brainer for me to send it as their baon to school or on road trips. That's why, I make sure we're well stocked with cheese slices, grated cheese, and spreadable Cheez Whiz all the time.

I grew up with Cheez Whiz so it's also a staple in our pantry. The versatility of this favorite cheese spread makes it very easy to use, especially for bento meals. Thanks to Cheez Whiz, I'll be sharing with you three bento creations, starting with this month's theme -- Halloween!

This bento snack box was inspired by Cheez Whiz and Jack O' Lantern. I'm sure the kids would want to make this themselves. For younger kids, be sure to guide them while cutting out the face. Cheez Whiz sent me bottles of original and pimiento spreads, but I previously bought an easy squeeze pack too. The boy preferred to use this instead. Incidentally, I will count this bento creation as the boy's homeschool HELE (home eco) project for the week. He had to make his own bento so I can grade him for that! =)

What you need:
  • Cheez Whiz (your choice of Original or Pimiento)
  • Toasted bread slices (plain or wheat -- we use wheat bread for better color and texture)
  • Fruits and cookies of your choice
  • Bento tools (carving knife, cutter, silicon cups, food picks, dividers)
  • Food container

How to create a Cheezy Halloween Jack Bento:
  • Sketch face of Jack O' Lantern - this is just a guide for your cut-out
  • With a carving knife/cutter, cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth on one toasted slice of bread (we forgot to cut out a nose, hahahaha) -- set aside
  • Spread Cheez Whiz on another toasted slice (the boy used the original, I used pimiento)
  • Place the "face" to assemble your sandwich
  • Fill in the holes in the face with more Cheez Whiz
  • Place the sandwich in your chosen container
  • Add your fruits and cookies to fill your bento snack -- use food picks and cups to decorate and separate them in the bento

The boy loves to eat Oreos and grapes, so that's what we included in our bento. My bento is the one with orange wedges. Easy peasy cheezy bento. Done.

Say hello to Cheezy Halloween Jack Bento!

Bring out the Cheez Whiz and try this with the kids. Now, go trick-or-treating with your cheezy bento!
(Advance) Happy Halloween!

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