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My girl inspired this post, and it's actually a "flashback Friday" feature. M started asking questions about different places around the Philippines last week -- I guess it's related to their current lesson in social studies. I can't recall what our conversation was but it led to her asking about the underground river with bats. I knew she was referring to the subterranean river in Palawan. I told her I've been there. She got really interested so I took out my albums and shared my local travels with her.

She said she wants to go here too and explore the cave. The boy want's to ride a boat and experience being out at sea.  Oh I pray we can get to go on an adventure soon!
St. Paul Subterranean River National Park - Puerto Princesa, Palawan 

(Top photo, our boats as we entered the cave. Sorry I don't have a nice pic of the majestic chambers inside.)
I've unearthed some old photos (actual prints, no digicam then) that brought back memories. These were all taken when I was still single and always ready to explore (just look at the timestamp on the photos). While I reminisce, the kids got more curious and excited at the possibility of having family trips to these amazing local destinations.

Kayaking along the mangroves of Honda Bay, off Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island Resort in Palawan.

My friends and I were one of the first groups to stay at Dos Palmas resort during their soft opening.
Service deluxe! We were assigned our own tour guide for island hopping and snorkeling.

A view of the mountain ranges of Banaue, on our way to Sagada.

We were able to go down one side of the mountain and walked along the rice terraces. Breathtaking!
After our caving (below), we took a dip in the small lagoon by the big falls of Sagada.

We conquered the cavernous Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, Mt. Province.
I felt like Spiderman climbing the walls. It took 3 long thrilling hours of cave exploration!

The ruins at Corregidor Island, Bataan.

An old artillery display, among other sites in the island, like the Malinta Tunnel, Pacific War Memorial, the lighthouse, and the cross at Mt. Samat.

 The famous Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte.
It's a UNESCO world heritage site, with it's bell tower and Baroque architecture.
Too bad I didn't have photos our trip to Vigan and the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum.

My first authentic camping experience at a private island in Caliraya lake, Laguna.
Complete with tent, a gasera, fishing for tilapia, campfire and marshmallows on sticks.   

Island-hopping in the largest city of the Philippines - Davao. The most laid back city I've been to, with a rich blend of modern and rustic living.
That's me, sliding down the longest slide I've ever tried, at Wishing Isle, along Samal Island.
We also toured the Pearl Farm, crocodile farm, Philippine Eagle Sanctuary, Eden, and Malagos farm.

Ahhh, Boracay! This photo was from my second trip to this island paradise.

Back then, you can see the very wide stretch of pristine white beach from station 1 to 3.

The third and last time I've been to Boracay was twelve summers ago! The sea/landscape has significantly (sadly) changed since then.  I hope the beach would still be clean and beautiful by the time we get to bring the kids here.
Lucky I was able to capture the famous Boracay sunset!

These are just a few of my souvenir photos from my adventure-filled "past life". I couldn't find photos from my trips to Cebu, Puerto Galera, and La Union though. After "traveling and sightseeing" with the kids though pictures, I have a renewed appreciation for our country's many historical sites and exotic destinations. There are still so much more to see and explore in the Philippines! The boy and girl learned a lot and were fascinated just by looking at the photographs as I shared stories behind each one. I know one day, they too can experience traveling to these places and create happy lasting memories.

Have you been to any of these places? What's your favorite destination in the country?

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