Family Friday: Fridate, Saturdate, Sundate

Second Friday of the month:  Parenting / Kids

"Time is the most valuable gift we can give our kids -- or anyone. Money and things are soon gone. But memories and feelings of love can last a lifetime. Care about kids enough to spend time with them." - Dr. Glen C. Griffin

I planned to publish my Family Friday post tonight, but at the last minute, I decided to dump the original topic and share this with you instead. My girl said something during dinner that struck me, and made me change my post.

We did not plan on dining out tonight but J thought we can just head over to a nearby resto after we do the groceries. So, it was an early dinner for us and after everyone was finished eating, out of the blue, she hugged me and said, "I like days like this when I can spend time with my family... it's fun, it makes me happy!" (My heart melts.)

It's another hectic Friday, as usual, and it's moments like these that take away all the stress for us parents. After she told me how happy she is, I replied with a smile and told her I love our family dates too, just as I enjoy my date with each one of them, or with the whole family including the grannies.

You know, it's actually my favorite random family activity -- our impromptu "dates", dining out, whenever we feel like it during the week. It's different from our traditional Sunday family day with my parents and the cousins. These spur-of-the-moment "dates" are refreshing. It's a break from the monotony of our daily routine. It can be a movie date, quick trips to the grocery store with the whole family, then finding ourselves going for snacks somewhere nearby. Some days, it's as simple as going to a bookstore, the playground, or even the convenience store.


Why are family dates important to us?
  • It a great way to take a break and just be together = bonding time
    • Doing nothing together counts too
  • A chance to talk about anything - no matter how mundane or out of this world, whatever they like to share, what they see around them
  • We get moments for serious and philosophical conversations with them, especially with J - he's really good with sharing values and other life lessons to them
    • The kids are more receptive to teaching moments and listening to family stories during these times
  • Just to get out of the house, have a change of environment and recharge
    • Try out a new place, or indulge their cravings and enjoy their favorite dishes
    • A good time to catch up with what the kids are doing

Most of our quick family dates are unplanned, whether it's on a weekend. It's always a welcome surprise, and the kids get really excited when J asks them if they'd like to eat out or go somewhere, or even just to buy pet food! Simple pleasures. I think it's what makes it special.

Do you have family dates? How and where do you spend them? =)

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