Win a Trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood with Oreo Transformers

My family is still on an #OreoTransformers
 high. Last June 27, I had an awesome #OreoBetterTogether movie date with my parents as we were treated by Oreo to an exclusive screening of Transformers: Age of Extinction.  Meanwhile, my kids are enjoying the limited edition Oreo Transformers cookie flavors and collecting the stickers.  Oreo also launched the experience of a lifetime contest where a family of 4 can win an all-expense paid trip to Universal Studios, Hollywood, USA!

We are big Oreo fans. It's always in my grocery list. Oreo cookies are fail-proof snacks for the kids, and it's a regular baon to school.  You can just imagine how thrilled I am to have Oreo as my newest blog sponsor! And to double our excitement, Oreo tied up with Transformers - that's one explosive partnership! I was excited for my kids to try their newest flavors, and I can't let this sequel pass. Thanks to Oreo, I was able to watch it with some of the SoMoms too.

The screening time and venue was less that ideal for me as the boy and I have an early morning field trip the next day.  Movie runs for almost 3 hours so J stayed home with the kids and I chose to bring my folks with me instead. It proved to be a fun bonding night for me and my parents, who clearly enjoyed the movie. It was our first time at New Port Cinema in Resorts World so the experience became more memorable.

Look at that Oreo dessert buffet at the cinema lobby - laid out with special creations like this big Oreo chocolate cake. I missed the Transformers photo booth though.  Guests also took home yummy Oreo cookies!

Before I tell you about the trip to Hollywood, allow me to do a short and quick "movie review", but no spoilers, promise. =)

It's been over a week since the movie aired, but for those who have not seen the Transformers: Age of Extinction yet, don't fret, I will just share bits and pieces. I actually did not read any of the reviews prior to watching it, so I had no idea about the storyline, and had no expectations whatsoever. 

Taking off from the last Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the setting is now four years after the Battle of Chicago, with a new cast led by Mark Whalberg as a struggling inventor.  He eventually stumbled upon and resurrected Optimus Prime and helped him locate the other remaining Autobots. They faced a new enemy in the form of Galvatron, and his man-made Transformers army who intends to wipe out humans. There were a few dull moments at the beginning, and the usual romantic scenes. But the intense fight scenes and special effects made up for the lull and were thrilling to watch with new stunts and exotic locations in Asia.

Aside from Whalberg, noteworthy performances belong to antagonists Kelsey Grammer as a the robot-hunting CIA, and Stanley Tucci as a visionary and control-freak businessman who heads KSI. His company created Galvatron and the new Transformer robots, but he eventually lost control over them. It gets more interesting during this part where old and new robots fight head to head and the location moved to China and Hong Kong. Another treat is the first movie appearance of the Dinobots with their epic battle scenes amidst the mountains -- brief but awesome.

The storyline may be lackluster compared with the past installments, but I still enjoyed the movie overall because it's action-packed, with lots of surprises and also with the new lead stars.  I'd still recommend you watch Transformers 4 for the super-charged action sequences and entertainment factor.  Don't forget to bring Oreo to the movies! =)  If you already saw the movie, what's your verdict?
We won a gift pack from the raffle, but I missed the chance for a photo opp with
the SoMoms, Optimus, and Bumblebee (below)! Thanks for these pics, Tina!

I came home bearing gifts. Naturally, the kids attacked the Oreos. My boy and my niece devoured the classic cookies.  That's good for me and my girl because less competition from sharing the new Oreo Transformers flavors, hahahaha!

There's Prime Berry in cool and delicious Blueberry Ice Cream flavor, and Action Fruit Creme with a burst of minty Orange Ice Cream flavor.

My girl said she likes both, "equally", which I prefer the orange-y Oreo. =) These are available for a limited time only, in leading supermarkets.  Have you tried them yet?

Here's the Oreo Transformers Experience of a Lifetime promo which will run until August 25, 2014.

Check out the free stickers from these specially packed Oreos. There's an Oreo Secret Code at the back so you can play the Oreo Lab Grab game.

Follow the mechanics below, play the OREO TRANSFORMERS LAB GRAB here and have a chance to win a trip for 4 to Universal Studios in Hollywood and tour Paramount Pictures!

(Screen capture of Oreo Lab Grab game)

Log on to http://oreotransformers4.com/ and start playing Oreo Lab Grab game - you might win that experience of a lifetime with your loved ones! That's the promise of Oreo -- #OreoBetterTogether!

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