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Health is wealth.  There is no need for me to explain how important it is to take care of our health and well-being, and I do believe in the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  But I don't seem to be practicing what I am preaching here.  I really need to allocate time for my check up.  So, let me go straight to the point.  There are many ways to maintain a healthy mind and body.  Aside from proper diet and exercise, I also believe in using medical technology and professional health services.  One recent discovery is LIFE.

This is LIFE, in a nutshell.

As part of our Better Me series by coach Pia Acevedo of OneCore, she gave a free session to the SoMoms as a treat for Mother's Day.  Unfortunately for me, I was not able to attend her talk, and also missed the introduction of OneCore's newest service - LIFE.  Thankfully, I was still given a chance to try their wellness service, so I'm super happy and grateful!

Last Wednesday, I immediately went for my scheduled appointment. I'm having a very hectic week but I really wanted to have my "check up" asap, since I feel I am not my 100% lately.  

As you can see from their description above, it's a wellness monitoring system that can assess the condition of your vital organs, energy index, etc. through the nerve bundles.

Guess what -- my LIFE results proved to be very accurate! 
Scary, but very telling.  It revealed many of the discomfort and health concerns I've been experiencing of late.

Let me give you an overview of how LIFE works:

Set an appointment:
After setting an appointment, I received an email with some guidelines/reminders before going to the exam.
  • Please refrain from taking any food, soft drinks or energy drinks at least 2 hours before the test. Water is allowed.
  • Refrain from doing extraneous exercise or physical activity at least 3 hours before the test. 
  • Clients with pacemakers or any metal implants are prohibited from undergoing the test.
  • Females having menstrual period or are pregnant are not allowed to undergo the test. You may reschedule your appointment to a later date.

Day of exam:
When I arrived at the office, I filled out a typical patient record and proceeded to the wellness room. There you'll find a patient's bed, a consultation table, and the Digital Meridian System used for LIFE.

I found out that the technology is also based on the meridian points used by traditional Chinese medicine, like for acupuncture, which my family believes in.

They use a "specialized sensor that takes a person’s organ data via electrical conductivity tests in the nerve bundles on one’s hands and feet."

Actual exam:
I just lied down on the bed, and I think after almost 15 minutes of scanning each meridian point on my hands and feet, it's done.

  • This round gadget rests on my left palm.
  • The elongated sensor below, connected to the wire of the round sensor, is tapped on specific meridian points on both hands and feet.
  • All points are shown on the illustration guide from the computer monitor. 

Non-invasive, painless, comfortable, quick and easy, on-the-spot report! 

Even the "brave" guys, dads who are usually "allergic" to check-ups and don't want to see a doctor can do this! =)

Did you know... 
  • Observable signs and symptoms of sickness is already the final level in the development of an illness
  • Illness manifests at the nerve level first, followed by the chemical level (in blood or hormones); lastly on the physical level
"LIFE detects imbalances at the NERVE LEVEL making it a highly preventive health diagnostic tool. These imbalances are measured through nerve bundles found in various points of your body, with each bundle connected to a particular organ or system." - OneCore

A print out of your full report will be given after the exam.
Total time spent at the center was a little over an hour. If you plan to take the LIFE exam, I suggest you allocate a total of 60 - 90 minutes, which includes the procedure, waiting for report, and time for your consultation and interpretation of results.

To make the long story short, my results showed that I have a low energy index, physically and mentally weak, liver and respiratory system should be given more attention. I learned that the liver "rests" between 10pm to 3am, that's why sleeping early is critical to keep our liver healthy. The good news is, overall, my vital organs are "in harmony" and metabolism is balanced.  

As expected, given my bad habits of not drinking enough water, sleeping late, and a sedentary lifestyle, the LIFE report accurately described the manifestations of my relatively "poor" state of health at the moment.  It's a sad wake up call for me and I am seriously going to follow the recommendations listed in the report.  

Please note that this report should not be treated as a medical diagnosis.

I highly recommend LIFE to everyone, from 12 years old and above. It's a great first step to wellness and prevention/detection of any illness.

50% OFF if you have your LIFE exam by JUNE 30, 2014! Call for an appointment now!

Check out the LIFE here.
The One Core
For inquiries and reservations, call: (632) 436-4143 / +63922-8944143
Email:  contact@theonecore.com
Unit 302, MQI Centre Bldg.
#42 E. Abada cor. Alvero Sts., Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Note:  All presentation slides courtesy of OneCore.

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